Liam is 15 months old

So since Liam turned 1 year old I felt monthly updates were not necessary however he has grown and learned so much since then! He has a big personality, gentle heart, and is all boy that is for sure! There is a lot to say about his development so this is a long post! Below is Liam at exactly 12 months and this morning at exactly 15 months.

Liam had his 15 month check up today and is doing great! He weighs 22.2 lbs (40%) and is 30.5 inches (25%) tall. His head is 46.5 cm (41%). He is continuing to grow and is staying for the most part really healthy.

In this past 3 months we did have our first battle with an ear infection. He got it right before Thanksgiving and was put on his first antibiotics (insert sad emoji here). He bounced right back though.

Liam has been sleeping through the night from around 7-7:30 bedtime and will sleep until anywhere between 5:30-7am. When he wakes up he lays quietly and waits for someone to come get him (we don’t let him get out of bed until 6am at the earliest).

Liam can say many words now. He also has his moments where he will repeat anything you say but he decides when. He says mama, dada, grandma (nana), grandpa (bumpa), Marley, milk, blankie, nigh-nigh, bye, hi, hello, Annie (na-nie —he thinks everyone is Annie lol), spoon, big buck, banana, Joel or Joe, uh-oh, no, thank you, eye, nose, cheers, and I’m sure so much more that I am missing! He says some other things kind of unclearly but we as his parents understand him most of the time. Some of those words include book, diaper, bubbles, snack, bird, and more. I truly am running a blank on all the things he says!

Liam has also mastered many animal sounds, especially farm animals. Joe taught him what an elk says as well and he is good at that!

Liam is running all over the place. He is unstoppable and so fast. He can climb, bend over, walk backwards, go up the stairs and down (supervised). He gets on his tippy toes to reach things he shouldn’t and loves crawling under the dining room table.

Liam can wave bye and hi, blow kisses, clap, stomp, kick, “jump,” dance, spin, give high five, give knuckles (pound), point, throw, and I’m sure there is more. His new trick is the spinning round and round. It’s so cute.

When Liam turned 1 he switched to whole milk and the transition went smoothly. We mixed half breast milk half whole milk for a few days and then went to straight whole milk. He had no reaction to it at all. We also ditched the bottle when Liam turned 1. Liam has been drinking from a sippy cup since then. The transition to that was really easy as well. Once we switch to the sippy cup we also decided no more milk right before bed (just at dinner time and that was it for the evening). Again to my surprise this didn’t phase Liam at all (as I thought he might wake up earlier because he was hungry) and he actually slept better than he has been.

Liam is a great eater most of the time. He love bananas and would have one every meal if it were up to him. We have learned if we give him his vegetables first he will eat them. He pretty much loves any food he is given and we do our best to make sure he gets vegetables, fruit, and protein in each meal. He now insists on having a fork or spoon with his meal and does not want help using it. He is pretty good with it though!

Liam now has 6 teeth (3 on top and 3 on bottom). He had 4 teeth for the longest time and in the last month gained 2 more! He has been drooling like crazy so I am guessing there are more to come.


  • being outside (when it isn’t too cold)
  • spending time with his dad
  • spending time with either of his grandpas (they are his favorite!)
  • being around other kids
  • sucking on his swaddle blanket
  • cooking in his play kitchen -stirring
  • pretend driving cars
  • running all over the place
  • playing with his hockey stick
  • being chased by or “getting” his mom and dad
  • reading books
  • throwing things down the stairs
  • bath time
  • Marley


  • getting his face wiped
  • mom picking his nose or ears
  • waiting for his food
  • being told “no”
  • sitting still
  • seeing Santa
  • snow

I’m sure there is so much more that I could share about everything Liam has learned and is doing from the past 3 months but this is what comes to mind right now. It is amazing how fast this little man is growing and learning.

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