It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas 2016

This weekend was an unexpectedly busy one but was also a lot of fun. We were able to get a lot done and spend time with family.


Joe’s hockey team had a game right after work so I picked up Liam and we spent the evening together. Liam was quite cranky (I blame his teeth!) so I had to get creative to keep him happy. Snapchat always seems to do the trick (at least for a little while)! Then it was bath time and bed time for the tired and cranky boy.

Joe got home and we watched some Netflix and headed to bed.


Joe and I woke up and had some coffee and watched a little TV while we waited for Liam to wake up. Liam slept until almost 8am! I got to see him just as I was heading out the door to teach Zumba.

After Zumba I had to take a quick shower and get ready because we were going to get our Christmas tree. We had to take a family picture before heading out.


Also, Liam was being such a love bug when I was taking pictures with him. So cute!

My parents met at our house at 10am and we headed to go pick out and cut down our Christmas tree. Since it has been warm and wet the tree farm paths were so muddy. We were lucky to have a truck. We drove around and found the perfect spot to pick out the tree we wanted.

We walked around a little bit but we liked the first one we saw and my parents found one close by as well.

We took family pictures in front of our perfect 2016 Christmas trees.

Of course we bring a chainsaw to cut down the tree… Liam was pretty entertained by it.

We loaded up the trees in the back of the truck and went to pay and head home to set it up.


Once we got home it was time for Liam’s lunch and then nap time. Then it was time for me to go shopping with Joe’s mom. I need a cocktail dress for Joe’s work party and she was helping me pick one out. I ended up finding the perfect fun dress and matching shoes. I can’t wait to wear it!

I didn’t get home from shopping until after 4pm. Then we had my parents over for pizza and the Badger football game. It was a great first half. My parents left at halftime and I was exhausted and ended up falling asleep on the couch and then moving to the bed a little after that. Unfortunately the second half of the game wasn’t as good as the first.


Joe decided to go hunting in the morning so me and the little man snuggled. As it got lighter outside I realized it had snowed and was still snowing! Liam was not excited about it at all. I showed him the snow and he cried.


Then Joe’s parents wanted to do Christmas pictures with the grandchildren and then brunch. We were able to get one really good picture out of the 20 some we took. We had a good brunch and Liam ate like a champ!

Then it was nap time for Liam and time for me and Joe to do some work around the house. Joe plowed the driveway while I put some lights on the tree. We watched some of the Packer football game as well.


Joe’s hockey team had a game at 2:30 which was a decent enough time that Liam could finally go. We had to wake him up from his nap but he woke up in a good mood. We headed to the rink and Liam was happy about it. It was Liam’s first hockey game that he was able to know what was going on  (he went to one when he was tiny!).

Liam was so interested in everything that was happening. Especially watching the Zamboni. He sat on my lap almost the entire game which is crazy for my super active little guy. Towards the end he stood up and walked around a little bit.

Then it was home to make some chili and relax the rest of the evening. I’m so happy with how our Christmas lights look at night from the outside. So pretty!


I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and have a great week ahead. It is supposed to get chilly so bundle up and stay warm!

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