Thanksgiving 2016

We have so much to be thankful for this year. We are truly blessed to have the family and friends we do. We are thankful for our jobs, our home, and the food we are able to put on the table. We are thankful for our little family and all the love and kindness of those around us.


Our thanksgiving break didn’t start out like we expected. We ended up with a trip to the doctor to find out Liam had an ear infection. Thankfully we were able to get him an appt and get him on some medicine so he could start feeling better.

Bright and early Thursday morning my friend Molly and I taught a 90-minute Zumba-strength circuit-country heat class. It felt great to get a good workout in before the big meal!

After that it was time to get ready and prep my dishes I was bringing. My mom always hosts Thanksgiving. It is my favorite holiday because all the family gets together just to eat and spend time with one another. I love it! Our meal was scheduled for 2pm which is during Liam’s nap so Liam and I headed over at 12 to put him down for nap there while I finished my food prep. Joe met us there around 1.

I made this super yummy cranberry and pomegranate bruschetta over cream cheese to spread on crackers. I will post a recipe another time but let me tell you it was delicious! I also make the green bean casserole. My grandma on my dad’s side always made it and since she passed I am now in charge. It was also a huge hit.

I do not like my food to touch and I was also trying to watch my portions this year so below is a picture of my food. People the struggle is real! haha! Don’t worry I definitely indulged in some pie later in the day….maybe a couple times… 🙂


Liam woke up from his nap and was ready for his Thanksgiving dinner. He seemed to really enjoy all the options.

Liam enjoyed his time playing with his cousins. It was so cute now that all 3 of them can walk and talk. It’s adorable watching the kids play.

The extended family left and it was just my immediate family (and our spouses and kids) left. It was nice to enjoy the extra time with family. We even ended up making a few massage trains. We love massages and massage trains are awesome! Also, my nieces are so pretty!

We went home in time for Liam to go to bed and for Joe and me to enjoy a relaxing evening together watching Netflix.

I know this post is late but I really hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving!



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