My Golden Birthday!

Well yesterday was my golden birthday! It was really the perfect low key day. I used to imagine my golden birthday as this crazy celebration but now that it is here I wouldn’t have had it any other way.

What is so neat about this day is that it is also my mom’s birthday. I was born on my mom’s golden birthday (crazy right?). We always try to do something special together. We kind of dropped the ball on plans this year and procrastinated so we kind of had to wing it! Nonetheless it was a really fun day!


I started the morning with a workout (surprise surprise haha) and used my new myzone belt that Joe’s parents got me for my birthday. I love it and it really made me push it during my workout!

Then it was time to shower and get ready. I stopped to get coffee on the way to my mom’s because well it’s my birthday and I wanted coffee! It was delicious!


Then we headed to go get manicures and pedicures. It was very relaxing and my nails were in desperate need of some pampering.

We weren’t sure how much time we had for lunch so we went for quick and easy. We ate at Acapulco. Of course the chips got us. We got the yummy cheese dip. So good. We both got the same chicken salad which was good too but I couldn’t eat much after filling up on chips.

Then we went to the movies. We weren’t sure which movie to see because none really stood out to us. We decided to try out Rules Don’t Apply and that was a mistake. It was okay but not great. It was hard to figure out what the plot was and really was just a strange movie. But we were in the comfy lounge chairs and so it was okay.


Then it was time to head home. It was a really fun girls day and next year we will try to plan ahead a little more than we did this year.

Once home I picked Liam up from daycare and we spent the evening playing and then after he went down Joe and I watched the Packer game (and I worked on this blog post).

Happy Birthday Mom! So happy to have spent the day with you and love you very much! 

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