First snow of the Season

This weekend was super busy and flew by! We were jam packed with things to do and we had our first snow! We didn’t get much snow at all at our house but it was pretty to watch it come down from the sky (I didn’t save any pictures though—sorry!).


After work it was snowing so we all spent the evening in. Joe was heading up north to hunt for the weekend so he wasn’t eating dinner with us. I decided to make Liam and myself cauliflower crust pizza (we had this Thursday as well but I still had the ingredients and wanted more) for dinner. Liam wasn’t a huge fan but I chowed! The caprese pizza is so yummy!



After Liam went to bed Joe headed north and I watch Gilmore Girls. I am on season 5 and I am trying to power through all 7 seasons so I can watch the new Gilmore Girls that comes out Nov. 25th. I know I won’t be done by then but I am getting close! I really love the show!


Today is opening day for gun hunting in Wisconsin so it is also the annual doe-on-the-go craft sale day! Last year my mom, Liam, and I went to the sales. He basically slept in the carrier the whole time and was so good.

This year my mom, my grandma, my cousin Kara, Liam, and I went. To be honest we were so busy that I hardly took any pictures so I apologize in advance for that!

I was worried about how Liam would do be he did great. He took only a 45 minute stroller nap (usually takes a 3 hour nap) so I was worried but he was still so good and so happy.

We went to the Phoenix Grill in Baldwin for lunch and it was so yummy. Liam decided he wanted to show off at lunch so he was showing his muscles, clapping, giving knuckles, doing itsy-bitsy spider, etc. He was busting out all his moves. So cute!

We didn’t get home until after 3:30. I tried to see if Liam would take a little nap but he just ended up playing in his crib so we headed to my parents to see my nephew and two nieces. The sunset on the way there was so pretty!

The kids are all just so cute together.

Liam was helping Uncle Blake work on one of his videos.


Then it was my best friend Molly’s mom Kelly’s surprise birthday party. She is also Liam’s day care provider. So we headed back into town to join in the celebration. Liam was so tired by this point. Although he was still behaving really well for the long day, we didn’t stay too long because he needed to get to bed. However it was pretty adorable that Kelly was holding Liam and chatting at her birthday party.

Joe had decided to come home from up north and hunt in town in the morning so when we got home Liam was able to give him a big hug before bed time.

Joe and I watched more Gilmore Girls and then headed to bed ourselves.


Joe went hunting in the morning while Liam and I did our regular morning things. Once Joe got home I had to run to the store to get ingredients for my Thanksgiving dishes and a few other items.

Once home from the store we had a big brunch with eggs, hash browns, and sausage. During Liam’s nap we cleaned the house a little and I was able to decorate with a few Christmas items. I love the new little tree I got from the craft sale.

Joe went out hunting again in the afternoon and then we had to go to my brother’s birthday party. They had snacks and treats. It is always fun to get the kids together and just spend time as a family.

Then again it was home for a quick bed time for Liam, the packer game and then bed for us.

I hope everyone had a fun weekend and stayed warm. Have a great week and a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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