The weekend with a teething child

Well as you can see by the title of this blog post that Liam was been working on a tooth all weekend. He is usually a very happy child and overall he still was but he had his moments this weekend.


After work we went to my parent’s for dinner. Liam thought it was so funny that both of us wore hats.


We got to see Uncle Blake for the first time since he got home from tour with Sum 41. Liam was excited to see him.

My dad was flying his mini drone around the house. Marley wasn’t too thrilled but it but Liam enjoyed watching it. Sorry the pictures are kind of dark.

Liam had story time with Grandpa. It was so cute!

Then it was home for Liam’s bed time and Netflix date for Joe and me.


We spent our morning together and then it was off to Zumba for me. Joe took Liam to the post office to get him a passport. I had to meet them there after Zumba because both parents need to be present. His passport picture is so cute!


We stopped at my parent’s after applying for the passport to see Judah. Judah and Liam played together and it was the cutest. Judah had to check Liam’s heartbeat.

Judah also held Liam’s hand as he walked Liam to the toys. Adorable!


We went home for lunch time and nap. After nap we were going to go to the park with my mom and Judah but it was a little chilly so we just ended up going back over to my parent’s to play more.

The boys got some more story time with Grandpa. Lucky boys!


Then again it was home for dinner, Liam’s bedtime, and Netflix date! Joe and I have been watching Narcos and Gilmore Girls. I have been hearing so much about This Is Us that we decided to watch the first episode….we love it!! We are watching so many shows now! But we love them all.


Joe went out hunting early in the morning so Liam and I spent the morning together. He had fun playing with Marley. He seems to have just found out that if he takes her toys and runs she will chase him. He had so much fun doing that.

Once Joe got home I went for a quick 2 mile run and did a 2 minute plank (planking is hard but so good). I did not want to do it but it felt so good once I was done.


Then Joe was off to hockey so it was me and Liam again. He had lunch and then went down for his nap. During his nap I cleaned the kitchen a little and started looking at family Christmas cards on Shutterfly (is it that time already?!?!).

The Packers played but we didn’t get the game at our house and it was Liam’s nap time so we didn’t get to watch but sounds like it wasn’t a very good game.

After hockey Joe went back out hunting. Once Liam woke up we had to make a quick trip to the store to get ingredients for a potluck I have at work on Tuesday.

Did you see the moon?? It was huge and so pretty!

Joe’s mom stopped over to see Liam quick. Then it was Liam’s dinner time. He is really such a good eater. He has been working on using a spoon and is getting pretty good. Although most of the time he prefers to hold the spoon and use his free hand to eat.


Then it was family play time. Liam loves being chased and scared so Joe and I take turns getting him. However he had a pretty rough night and was so sad. Pretty sure that tooth was bugging him.

We ended the weekend with Liam’s bedtime and some more Netflix.

Our weekend was extremely eventful but it was very nice to just have a slower weekend. Hope you had a great weekend and a wonderful week ahead!

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