A beautiful November weekend

We had a wonderful weekend enjoying the higher than average temps in November. Joe spent most of the weekend hunting and coaching hockey so it was me and Liam most of the weekend. We had a lot of fun!


I had the day off so Liam and I had a lot of quality time together. We started our morning with a 4 mile run. I have only run that far 1 other time in my life so this was a huge accomplishment for me.

Friday after Liam’s nap we went to the park. It was so nice outside that we needed to get out and enjoy it.

Liam had so much fun walking around the park and exploring. He is just so curious about everything and needs to see everything that is happening. It is so cute!

After the park we had dinner and play time at home. We even went for a quick walk with the neighbors. Then it was bed time for Liam. Joe was at the cabin so I spent my evening watching Gilmore girls and relaxing.


I started teaching Zumba Saturday mornings at Snap Fitness. Since Joe was up north I brought Liam to my parents while I taught.

Once we were home we went for a quick walk. Then it was time for the Badger football game. I got Liam to snuggle me for like 2 seconds and watch the game. Then he was off running around playing with his toys.


Joe had a hockey game in the afternoon and then went out hunting.

It was another really beautiful day. After Liam’s nap we went to the park again. He again was really curious and was running all over the park.

This time we checked out the climbing wall and he tried to fit into it like a puzzle piece. So funny!

He had so much fun playing on all different parts of the park. And swinging too of course.

When we got home we went for another walk. It was just too nice out not to get another walk in.


We kept Liam up a little later than normal to prepare for Daylight Savings. He was very tired come bedtime.

We spent our evening relaxing and watching our shows on Netflix (Narcos and Gilmore Girls).


Joe headed out hunting early in the morning. Liam slept until 6:30am which was good considering the time change. He was pretty cranky come 9am so we headed into town.

We went for a 30 minute interval run/walk. I did 2 mins running 1 minute walking for 30 minutes and it felt good. After that my mom met us at the park.


I decided to go to a different park this time since we had already gone to the other park twice this weekend. Liam loved it.

He really liked the rocking dinosaur. He did great sitting on it by himself and rocking it. He is getting to be such a big boy!

He even went down the slide for the first time all by himself.

There was another climbing wall at this park so he had to check it out again. Grandma helped him climb up high. He thought that was great.

It was another fun and beautiful day at the park.

Liam had lunch and took a nap once we got home. He was exhausted after running so much at the park. Joe had another hockey game in the afternoon and then headed out to the woods again after.

Liam, Marley, and I spent some time outside in our yard playing. Liam loved chasing Marley around and kicking the leaves.

Marley and Liam really do love each other. It is so cute to see how they interact together now that Liam is a little older.


Then it was time for the Packer game, dinner, and then Liam’s bedtime.

The weather was so amazing this weekend. I hope everyone was able to enjoy it and get outside. Wishing you a great week ahead and happy Monday!



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