Halloween weekend!

We had a fun Halloween weekend! It ended up being pretty busy but also had some down time.


It was so nice outside so after work we had dinner and then went for a family walk. The sunset was beautiful and Liam was entertained by his stroller book.

After our walk we stopped at our neighbors to hang out for a little while and pick up a book I had ordered. It was fun to get the two little ones together again and so cute to see little Keaton slowly walking around. The boys will be cruising together soon.


Liam slept until 8:30am! So Joe and I had the morning to relax and drink our coffee. I taught Zumba at Snap at 8:15am so I didn’t get to see Liam until I got home.

Liam and I had some fun with snap chat while Joe went and checked the trail cams. Once Joe was home I showered quick and then went to lunch with my bestie Molly. It was her birthday Wednesday so we had birthday lunch.

After lunch I headed home so Joe could go out hunting. Liam napped for a little while and then we spent the evening playing. Joe got home a little after 7 and then I left to go to Molly’s to get ready for our evening out. Molly also wanted to go out for her birthday and celebrate Halloween.

I didn’t want to buy a costume so I just ended up wearing all black. Molly was Cruella Deville.

We met up with all our friends and it was pretty fun! I like to motto “nothing good happens after midnight” and usually try to go home around then but Molly wanted me to stay to see her in the costume contest at 12:30 so I ended up getting home around 12:45. Late but fun night will all my best girl friends!



Sunday was a productive day for me. I ran to the grocery store to get a few things for the week. I also made muffins for Liam and pumpkin spice protein muffins (recipe to come) for me and Joe.

We ended up going to Joe’s parents for the Packer game. His mom made chicken corn chili that was super yummy. Liam liked it too.

Then headed home to get Liam to bed. I then made some pumpkin spice protein balls (recipe to come later this week) for a work party Monday.

I hope everyone enjoyed the weekend and Happy Halloween! Have fun, be safe, and don’t eat too much candy.

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