First year favorites

I decided to do a post of things that we as parents and Liam as the baby thought were the best in his first year of life! The list is quite lengthy but does not include every single item that we used and loved. These are just the ones that came to mind easily when making this list. I hope you find this helpful!

Newborn to 3 month

  • Rock n Play sleeper -Liam slept in this at night by our bed and also would nap in here.
  • SwaddleMe adjustable blankets and HALO sleep sacks -Liam would sleep in either a swaddle wrap or sleep sack every night.
  • Pampers diapers -We love pampers brand diapers. Liam used pampers right away with no issues with rashes and number of blowouts were very low.
  • Layette -Liam lived in layettes! The convertible cuffs on the sleeves were perfect for protecting his face from fingernail scratching and the gown bottom made for quick and easy diaper changes.
  • Pajamas with zippers -Liam also lived in these at home. The zipper makes for easy diaper changes!
  • Aden and Anais swaddle blankets -We liked these better than any receiving blankets. They were large enough to wrap Liam up tight and also very soft.
  • Chicco KeyFit 30 infant car seat -We love this car seat. We had another brand that we tried and did not like it at all. This one has very easily adjustable straps and is easy to handle. Only down side is that the car seat itself is a little heavier than others but I would still highly recommend it!
  • Wubbanub -Liam liked this from about 1 month to maybe 3 months of age. Then he moved on. I do highly recommend it because the animal attached helps keep the pacifier in the babies mouth if it is loose instead of falling to the side and it is easier for the baby to find.


3-6 months

  • We continued to use Pampers diapers with minimal blowouts and no rashes. Still highly recommended.
  • We also continued to use Aden and Anais swaddle blankets -Once liam’s hands were free he began sucking on these blankets instead of a pacifier.
  • We continued to use the SwaddleMe adjustable blankets and HALO sleep sacks above. Liam slept so well with them that we kept using them until he started to roll over which is when they recommend discontinued use.
  • Zipadee-zip transitional sleep sack -we used this once Liam started rolling and couldn’t use the sleep sacks anymore. We weren’t sure he would be ready for complete freedom after always being swaddled. We didn’t use it for long and I like to believe that it helped but I can’t say for sure.


  • Motorola digital video baby monitor – I’m not sure I could have moved Liam to his crib in his own room without this. Not only because I wanted to make sure he was sleeping okay but also because he is a noisy sleeper and this helped me to confirm whether he was still sleeping or awake when he would make noises in the middle of the night.
  • Boppy Cradle in Comfort Bouncer -We got this as a hand-me-down. Liam loved this chair. He would sit in it and watch us as we cooked dinner, ate dinner, or needed to get things done. As I was looking for a link for this product it looks like it was discontinued by the manufacturer. Here  is a similar type of chair that I would highly recommend. Also, it always seemed like as soon as Liam would get in the chair he would poop. We figured it must be at the perfect angle to get things moving!
  • Laugh and learn love to play puppy -Liam would sit and watch the lights and listen to the songs. This could cheer him up if he was fussy.
  • Tommee Tippee bottle warmer -We loved this bottle warmer for quick easy bottle heating.
  • Tommee Tippee bottles -Liam adjusted to these bottles with ease and we used them all through his bottle days. We used the closer to nature baby bottle.

6-9 months

  • We continued to use Pampers diapers with minimal blowouts and no rashes. Still highly recommended.
  • We also continued to use Aden and Anais swaddle blankets -Liam’s comfort object. I had my aunt cut one into 4 sections and hem them so that we had 4 smaller blankets for Liam to suck on.
  • Safety first tubside bath seat -We love this. We don’t have to worry about Liam tipping over or the seat floating away. However, there are some terrible reviews on the chair. We have had no problems with it.
  • Sophie the giraffe -great teething toy.


  • Graduates rest easy spoons -I found I like these spoons better than the ones with the rounded end. These make for easy scrapping off of excess food from baby’s face.
  • Laugh and learn love to play puppy -Liam continued to enjoy the songs this puppy would sing.
  • Munchkin miracle 360 cup -We have both the trainer with the handles and the one without and Liam likes both. We thought it would be hard for Liam to figure it out but I showed him twice how to use it and he figured it out. I love these because they are supposed to be better for their teeth.

9-12 months

  • We continued to use Pampers diapers with minimal blowouts and no rashes. Still highly recommended.
  • We also continued to use Aden and Anais swaddle blankets
  • Step 2 Finding Dory Water Table -I couldn’t find the exact one Liam has but this one is very similar. This has been our saving grace some evenings. Liam loves to be outside and so this is the perfect summer activity for little ones. Not only that but it seems like kids of all ages love the water table. My nephew who is 2 and my niece who is 5 love it too! This will definitely be making it’s appearance again for many summers to follow!
  • Laugh and Learn Smart Stages Crawl Around Car -Our friends we visited in Seattle had this toy for their little boy and Liam seemed to really enjoy it while we were there. Since then my mom was on a mission to find one for sale. She ended up finding one on a garage sale site. She cleaned it up and brought it over and Liam loves it. He plays in it every day and loves all the noises it makes.


  • Push walker– Liam loves walking with a walker as he is learning to navigate in the standing up position.
  • Board books -Liam loves to turn the pages and so board books are much better than regular paper pages because then he can grab them with out wrecking the page. I would recommend board books with a short number of words on each page.


I’m sure there are many things I am missing but these are really the main items that come to mind when I think about the past year. Of course some of these items are unique to Liam but I hope as you read this you find it helpful!

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