Weekends are my favorite!

The weather was amazing this weekend! We are so glad to have been able to spend some time outside again. We had no plans for the weekend so we just made plans as we went and had so much fun!


Joe went out hunting and I stayed home. So many things were going wrong at the house so I had Joe come home and after Liam went to bed we watched a movie and went to bed ourselves. Not a very exciting evening but it was still a good one!


Liam learned how to say “hi” and it is the cutest thing in the world! I basically spent all morning making him say it.

I started teaching Zumba Saturday mornings at Snap starting this week so I did that. It always feels good to get a weekend workout in and also to do it in the morning!

The Badger game was at night but Liam had to get dressed up in his Badger gear. The bibs were a little big but so cute!

Since it was so nice out we decided to got to Teddy Bear Park in Stillwater. We invited our neighbors Ryan, Becky, and Keaton to come with too! We met them there. The boys had so much fun. Liam explored everything. He loved it!


It was so neat to see Liam walking around and exploring all the things at the park. He loved seeing how things worked and he also loved the slides. Keaton had a fun time on the slides too!

He loved the teddy bears too because he really likes bears and makes a grrr noise when he sees them. He is just too cute!

After the park we all went to dinner at Big Guys BBQ Roadhouse. The food was amazing!

Even the kids meals had great options and was super yummy. Liam liked it!


We made it home to watch the Badger game and put Liam to bed. I was so tired and ended up falling asleep on the couch at halftime.


Another morning spent cuddling and playing. Liam is always so happy in the morning.


We went out to breakfast at Rusty’s with Joe’s sister and kids. I got this super yummy (and so unhealthy) strawberry grilled cheese which was cinnamon raisin toast grilled with strawberry cream cheese and bacon in the middle. It was delicious!


We got this super cute picture of the kids by the pumpkins outside. Seriously probably the best picture of them to date!


Once we got home Liam and I played a little bit outside before it was his nap time.

After nap we headed to Joe’s parents for the Packer game and dinner. After that it was home and bath and bed time for Liam.

We had a really great, relaxing, and fun weekend! It is always so nice to have no plans and do whatever you want! Plus it is always great to be able to spend some time outside! I hope you had an amazing week and wish you a happy Monday!

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