Placenta Encapsulation

I have had a few people ask me about this recently so I thought I would write a post about it. This will include my reasons for choosing to do this as well as how I felt while taking the capsules.


Ashley was such a wonderful help to me through this process. She answered all my questions and helped me understand more about the process. Better yet, she picked the placenta up right at the hospital and delivered the capsules to my house. She is very reasonably priced and I highly recommend her services. Her website is for more information.

The Process:

I chose the Raw method which is a “method that does not involve steaming, but moves directly to dehydration and encapsulation. This method preserves any enzymes or hormones that may be destroyed when the placenta is heated during the steaming process.” (

I chose this method simply because it sounds better to me than the other method.


“The placenta provides a variety of natural hormones, and is an excellent source of iron, protein, and other vitamins and minerals.” (

I chose to do placenta encapsulation because I couldn’t find any reason not to. Although the results of taking these pills has no scientific data to prove it helps, there is nothing to say that it doesn’t either. I consulted with a friend who didn’t do it with her first kid and did with her second and felt the capsules really helped. I also read other testimonials. I couldn’t find any reason not to do it other than that it may not actually do anything to help postpartum. This was not a good enough reason not to try it compared to the possible benefits.

The possible benefits include increase in energy, faster return of the uterus to pre-pregnancy size, decreased postpartum bleeding, faster healing from birth-trauma, replenishment of iron, increased production of breast milk, decreased occurrence of baby blues and postpartum depression, and helpful to manage symptoms of PMS.

My Results:

Liam is my first baby so I do not know what it is like to have a baby and not take the placenta capsules however I do really feel like they helped me a ton.

I felt an increase in energy. Although I was losing a lot of sleep and still really tired, I did feel like I was functioning really well and felt that I had the energy to have visitors and get out of the house if I needed to.

I can’t say for sure that my uterus returned to pre-pregnancy size faster however it did feel like the transition went pretty quick.

I was a milk machine so I do believe the placenta capsules helped to increase my supply.

I do feel like overall my mood was very stable after having Liam and I definitely believe the placenta capsules helped with that. There were very few times that I became emotional during those first few days, weeks, and months with a new baby even when things were really tough and I was running on little sleep.

I truly would recommend placenta encapsulation to anyone who is considering it. I will definitely do it again and I really do feel it was helpful. If it did nothing for me at least I still got good nutrients into my body (which can be challenging with a new baby). For me I felt there was nothing to lose and so much to gain.

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