A fall cabin weekend

We headed up to the cabin Thursday night to have a nice long fall weekend at the cabin. It was quite chilly all weekend but the sun was shining and the trees were beautiful. This is my favorite time of year!


The morning started off by watching a pair of eagles in the big pine right by the cabin. They are such beautiful birds.


We wanted to make a trip to Hayward at some point over the weekend so we decided to head there this morning. The drive there was so pretty with all the fall colors.

Once we arrived it was super cold out. We decided to grab some coffee and a scone. After that we went to the popcorn store to get some flavored popcorn.

We wanted to walk around a little more but it was just too chilly so we made the drive back to the cabin.

The colors on the lake were very pretty as well. I got some really great pictures of Liam.

I took some photos of Joe and he took some of me. Liam and I also took some selfies! Marley snuck into the background of some of the pictures —haha!

We took one family selfie too.


Joe and his dad went hunting while Liam and I ran to the store to get some fruit and vegetables for snacks. When we returned to the cabin Liam had his dinner (which included cold broccoli that he actually ate!) and then Joe’s mom arrived.

Liam headed to bed and we waited for the guys to return. We then had elk spaghetti which was super yummy and later headed to bed.


The morning started with a beautiful sunrise and the eagles returned.

Again the colors on the lake were beautiful!

Joe and his dad worked on taking the docks out. We watched and Liam even helped a little. It was still pretty chilly outside so we weren’t out long.

Joe and his dad left later in the morning to go work on their deer stand. Joel and the kiddos arrived a little before noon so the kids stayed with me and Joe’s mom while Joel went to go help the guys with the deer stand.

Liam went down for his nap after playing for a little bit. He didn’t take a great nap and as he was waking up Joe’s sister arrived.

We spent some of the afternoon playing outside. Liam loves riding the 4 wheeler toy with his cousins.

Then we went on a final pontoon ride to see some of the colors around the lake. It was short lived because all of the kids were fussing. Liam was mostly upset that he kept falling.

Does it get any cute than Liam and Marley hanging out at the front of the pontoon?


This is the point in the weekend where I began to completely fail with taking pictures so I apologize for the lack of pictures for the rest of this post.

After the kids went to bed we had a very delicious meal of salad, prime rib, and popovers. It was so yummy and all of us had been waiting all day to eat it.

After dinner we played “watch ya mouth” which is that game with the mouthpieces and then you have to try and talk. It was hilarious! I was crying I was laughing so hard.

After a few rounds of that game we headed to bed.


The eagles came back again but I didn’t get a picture this time. We spent a lot of the morning packing and cleaning.

We headed home in the afternoon. We spent most of our time at home resting and relaxing. We were feeling so lazy!

We decided to go out for dinner at Rusty’s which was delicious as always. We both even got dessert!


Then it was home for the Packer game and bed time.

We had a nice relaxing weekend and we hope you did too! We finally have some weekends coming up with no plans so I am truly looking forward to that!

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