Apples, anniversary, and a 5k

This weekend was a super fun and exciting weekend. I was busy busy busy but that was good.


I had the day off so my bestie Annie and I had a fall fun day! We decided to make it just a go with the flow laid back day. We started with coffee and a visit to this small waterfall in Osceola. It is so pretty and peaceful. We chatted and soaked up the view before heading back up the million stairs we went down.

Then it was off to the apple orchard. We checked out all the decor for sale and walked around a little outside. We checked out the pumpkins but I wasn’t liking any of them much. I bought some apples and pears and Annie got a few soup mixes.


We had time to go out to lunch so we did that. We went to Champs rooftop to eat because it was so nice outside. We ended up just missing the movie time at 1pm so we went to my house to relax for a little bit before the movie at 3.

We went to see Masterminds. It was okay but not great. Parts of the movie were really funny but overall it wasn’t very good which was surprising since the actors and actresses in the movie are normally really funny. I would say wait for this one to come out on DVD or Netflix if you were wanting to see it.


We spent the morning together drinking coffee and playing with Liam. It was a pretty uneventful morning for us but it was nice.

While Liam napped I started getting ready for date night. Joe and I planned a date night for our 2 year anniversary that was on Tuesday.

I had to wake Liam up from his nap because my mom was picking him up and they were going to a wedding. He looked so cute all dressed up and I even combed his little bit of hair to the side.


Once my mom picked Liam up I finished getting ready. We had reservations for 5:15pm and it was going to take us a little while to get there so by the time I finished getting ready it was time to go.

We went out to eat at Pittsburgh Blue. They have really good steaks and we were so excited to just have such a yummy dinner. I ended up ordering a glass of wine with dinner which was a huge mistake… Ever since having Liam I have discovered certain beverages make my throat swell up…or at least feel swollen. It has never happened with wine before which is why I didn’t think it would be a problem. (Does this happen to anyone else??)

The food looked super yummy but it was so hard for me to eat with my throat all messed up. It was super hard to swallow making eating just uncomfortable. It kind of ruined the dinner for me and Joe. We packed up the rest of my meal to-go and our complimentary dessert and walked over to Whole Foods to get something similar to tums thinking maybe that would help.


We ended up getting these papaya enzyme chews which seemed to help but ultimately I think time passing helped the most. I really wanted dessert and the dessert they gave us was red velvet cake —not a fan! So we drove to Hudson.

While we were at dinner my mom sent us a picture of Liam putting on the charm at the wedding reception. Such a cutie!


Once we got to Hudson my throat felt much better and I was hungry. Joe was hungry too. So we went to Pier 500 for our second meal (haha). We order gouda nachos and brie cheese curds. The nachos were amazing. I was not a fan of the cheese curds.

Then it was time for my dessert. I got the berries crisp which was so amazing and delicious. I seriously couldn’t stop eating it. I want more right now!

We were going to go to a movie in the theaters but we just weren’t interested in seeing any of the movies out right now so we headed home to rent a movie on demand and relax in comfy clothes. We rented Central Intelligence which was pretty funny. Then head off to bed!


Sleeping in was amazing! I slept until 7:30am which hasn’t happened in so long. Joe slept until after 8am. I woke up, had some coffee, and watched Gilmore Girls on Netflix until Joe woke up.

We seriously did not know what to do with ourselves without Liam. It was so quiet in the house and we both were kind of bored without him there. We missed him too. We would have went and got him right away in the morning but we had a run in the afternoon during Liam’s nap so we were going to get him after that.

We made a nice brunch with eggs and my leftover steak. It was tasty and good fuel for our run.

The race started at 1pm. We headed there at 12:30pm to hang out with Annie and her family before the race. She got a cute new husky puppy Saturday!

The weather was amazing. It was 70 and sunny. It felt really great until we started running…then it was hot! However, I ran my fastest 5k to date! Joe ran with me almost the entire time! After about 2.5 miles he needed a short break. He has a bad ankle and knee right now and they were both really bugging him. It was a really short break though because he was right behind me shortly after I left him.

I kicked it down at the end and ended up taking 3rd place for women in the event and got a free hair cut certificate for it. I finished in just under 28 minutes! Post run we were both sweaty and tired!


After we ran we picked up Liam quick and then headed to Champs for the after party and giveaways. We walked in just in time to have my name called for a Champs gift card. Then shortly after that Joe’s name was called for a Champs gift basket.

We headed home then. I had tortellini soup/pasta cooking in the crock pot for dinner. Joe went out hunting while Liam and I played the rest of the evening. Dinner was super simple since it was in the crock pot.

Liam was tired so he went to bed right at 7. Joe got home from hunting and we spent the evening relaxing on the couch.

We had such a great weekend! I hope everyone was able to enjoy the beautiful weather and I hope you all have a great week!

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