2 years of wedded bliss

Today is our 2 year wedding anniversary. It is truly crazy that it has already and only been 2 years. So much has happened in our life since that day and it has been an amazing ride. I’m going to be all lovey dovey in this post but just so I’m transparent and set realistic #relationshipgoals that doesn’t mean things are perfect in our relationship. We have had our ups and downs but we always manage to get through it together.

Two years ago this was the most amazing day of my life (along with some stress—because let’s be honest, there is so much to get done on your wedding day). The most important part of the day was saying “I do” to the man of my dreams and my best friend. I could relive this day over and over again (minus the shoes–lol). We had so much fun with all of our family and friends as witness to our marriage and to celebrate at our reception.

In the past 2 years our relationship has grown stronger and so has our love. We had so much trust and respect for one another before getting married and since getting married that has just grown. I truly believe that we were meant to be together forever and can’t wait to see what forever has in store for us!

Most of our first year of marriage I was pregnant with Liam. Joe did everything he could to make sure I was happy and well taken care of. He would go get me food even if it meant going back for the honey mustard they forgot to pack because “I will just not eat the fries then.”


Photo credit: Signe Shores photography

We celebrated our 1 year anniversary early last year because Liam’s due date was September 21st so we wanted to be sure we could celebrate. However, this felt more like a babymoon to me since I was so pregnant and we really spent most of our time walking, eating, and sleeping. Below are some pictures from our trip—couldn’t fit the bump in the selfie LOL.

Since Liam has been born my love for Joe has doubled. He is an amazing father to Liam and has also stepped up as a husband as well. Being a nursing mama I had a lot of responsibility when it came to feeding Liam and getting up with him at night. Joe did everything he could to help take care of me so I could take care of Liam. He continues to take care of me daily and I appreciate him so much for everything he does for me.

I’m excited to really be able to celebrate this year. Tonight we are going to have a nice meal and watch our wedding video my dad made us. We will also dance to our first dance song, “I don’t dance” by Lee Brice.

Then on Saturday my mom is taking Liam for the weekend and we will be going out for a really nice dinner and date night which I am super excited for.

Cheers to love, laughter, and happiness! Joe—forever will never be long enough! Love you!

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