A great first weekend of Fall

It was a beautiful 1st weekend of fall. The weather was great and a lot of time was spent together as a family and with extended family.


Joe and I went for a 2 mile run. We had intentions of 3 miles but we both were having a tough time so we decided 2 was enough and walked the rest. It has been a week of running and we are both doing great!


When did he need to start wearing shoes???

I made a run to Target and spent way too much money but saved with my cartwheel app and red card. That makes it okay right?!? Haha!



In the evening we decided to try a new place to eat. We have been running past it on our runs and thought we should give it a try.

We headed to Barley John’s. It is a brewery and we checked the menu ahead of time to be sure of what the food options were. We could tell the place was more focused on the beer than the food because there weren’t many options. We got two appetizer dips which were amazing and very filling. We got the artichoke wild rice dip and the swiss bacon dip. Both were very good.

We still wanted to try a sandwich so we split one. It was really good also. It had a fruit salsa and mustard on it making a very interesting combo. We would recommend eating here for snacks not a meal even though we did get full.



Liam and I went for a walk with Joe’s mom while Joe took Marley for a walk in the woods.

Then it was Badger football time. I got Liam a way too big Badger jersey from Target Friday that was so adorable. The number 48 is for player Jack Cichy who is joe’s mom’s godson. He even held Liam when he was home for Christmas break.


The Badgers stomped Michigan State which was exciting! On Wisconsin!

Joe went hunting for the evening so Liam and I hung out and played. Joe made us some spaghetti sauce with elk burger before he left so we had that for dinner with gluten free noodles. I even snuck some spinach into Liam’s. It was really good and Liam loved it! He couldn’t shovel it in fast enough. It was nice to eat a healthy meal!

Once Joe got home we spent the evening relaxing as we usually do. Something about those quiet hours after Liam goes to sleep. We have to soak it up because he is ALWAYS waking us up in the morning and it is go go go from then on!


It was a rainy morning so we all just had a mellow morning. We had brunch planned with our friends, the Greers which we were looking forward to.

We went to our favorite, Rusty’s, to meet our friends. It was so nice to see them and catch up. It seems like summer just got away from us. Liam was quite the entertainer smiling and making faces at them.


I got the Turkey Wild Rice Omelet and it was really good. It honestly tasted like Thanksgiving. Yum! Then I was super naughty and got caramel apple crisp for dessert…in the morning…don’t judge! It was so good.

Then we headed to Joe’s parent’s house for the Packer game vs the Lions. The Packers won! Go Pack Go! While there Liam learned how to say “Bumpa.” So cute!

After the game we got a short break at home then it was off to my nephew’s 2nd birthday party!


He was handing us all “party hats” and of course we all wore them! He thought it was so funny and loved handing out the tissue paper for us to wear.

The present we got him (aside for the clothes that he had no interest in) was a huge hit too.

Liam was showing off again. I’m not sure when he became such and entertainer but he is so funny. Seriously his shirt though….lil boss.

Liam enjoyed all the action and NEEDED to see all of Judah’s new toys. He was particularly interested in the bike. I guess we know what Liam needs for his 2nd birthday LOL!

Judah was able to blow out his candles on his own and sneak a little taste of the frosting before it had to be cut up and served.

We had another great weekend and as always we look forward to the next one. Wishing you all a wonderful week!

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