Lots of running, a wedding, and some pizza!

Joe got back from Utah late Thursday night so we got to spend all day together Friday. Liam was so excited to see his dad. We are very happy to have him home.


We spent the morning together relaxing and catching up. Joe had so much to share about his hunt. He was so happy to be home and share it with us. Liam couldn’t wait to have his dad read him a book.


The we decided to run a family 5k together. Joe and I are both not runners but we want to work more on our fitness and health so we decided to start running together. Liam was a trooper in the stroller. It was a tough 3 miles but it felt good to get out and move!

After our run Joe’s dad has his elk from last year out so Liam had to check it out. He was very curious about it and obviously not shy.

We then decided we wanted to go out for breakfast. Joe and I both showered quick and then headed to breakfast at Rusty’s. I got a ham, egg, swiss cheese sandwich on a grilled croissant with raspberry sauce. It was so good! I definitely recommend it.

Then it was home to relax. Liam and I both ended up taking naps after a really rough night of sleep from Liam.

We decided to go for a walk in the evening and invited our neighbors to join. I got some cute pics of the boys together but again very challenging to get them both to look!

We spent the remainder of our Friday relaxing and watching a movie after Liam went to bed.


We did our normal weekend morning routine which involves relaxing and playing with Liam.

We decided 2 miles would be good for our run this morning. It was still really tough but again felt good to get out and move. We ran faster than we did yesterday which was good. Liam again stuck it out and did great.

I had a double workout Saturday. My bestie Molly wanted to practice Country Heat because she is certified and so I joined her for some country dancing. It was super fun and I was super sweaty (and hungry) once we were done.


We made omelets for brunch with fresh green peppers from our garden and they were quite tasty. I love breakfast food!

I watched a little bit of the Badger football game. Then it was time for me to shower and start prepping for the wedding we were attending in the evening. I needed to get a few things ready for Liam since we had a babysitter coming and then also get myself ready to go.

I would say Joe and I were looking pretty good for the wedding! Always fun to get dressed up.


The wedding venue and set up was super cute. They had so many adorable pictures out of the both of them.

The desserts looked super yummy (and tasted super yummy too) and they even had caramel apples.


The newlyweds looked so happy. Shelby’s dress was so pretty. Thanks for letting us celebrate your special day with you!


Photo credit: Gina Zeidler

The moon on the drive home was huge and so bright. It was like a spotlight. The pictures don’t even do it justice.


We spent another relaxing morning together as we decided what we were going to do for the day.


Joe had plans in the morning to shoot his bow so I ran a 5k with Liam and he ran 1 mile later in the afternoon. I ran my fastest 5k that I’ve tracked on my phone to date. It felt good to just go and get it done right away in the morning.


After my run Liam and I stopped at Joe’s sister’s to visit for a few minutes.

I spent the rest of the morning playing and hanging out with Liam until his nap time. He took a 3 hour nap so that was really good and allowed me to relax and watch a little Gilmore Girls on Netflix.

We went to Sawmill Pizza in the evening with my parents, my brother, and my nephew. We decided to try the oliver twist and the here figgy piggy. Both were really good but the figgy piggy was the best I think. The pizzas are always so good.

We spent some time chatting and hanging out since the weather was beautiful!

Then it was time for the Packer vs Viking game. My parents came to our house to watch the first half. I ended up going to bed during the 3rd quarter because I was so tired. I found out that the Packers lost the game which is so sad but it’s okay.

I hope everyone is having a great Monday! My Monday started with a beautiful sunrise and a rainbow on my way to work. Have a great week!

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