Reuniting with college besties and some football

This weekend was a really fun and pretty low key weekend! Joe headed out early Friday morning to Utah so it was just me and Liam.


Liam spent the day at my mom’s while I worked. After work I had dinner at my parents which was full of laughs including milk coming out of my dad’s nose!

Liam and I headed home and then I spent the rest of the evening relaxing and debating cleaning (it didn’t happen haha). Then headed to bed super early.


My two best friends from college came to visit. It has been 2 years since we were all together which is so hard to believe because we picked up right where we left off.

They met Liam for the first time. He was showing off for them and it was so cute!

Then we brought him to my parents for a sleepover. He was a really good boy for Grandma and Grandpa and even got to spend time with his Uncle Blake.

We decided to have a girls night in and just catch up. We watched some of the Badger football game and mixed some fancy red cocktails to support the Badgers. On Wisconsin!

We ate some yummy taco dip and then later ordered some pizza. We were far from healthy but it didn’t matter. We basically talked all night long and reminisced about college days. So glad they made the drive to see me!



We got up and I made us all breakfast. We watched Mulan and slowly started moving again. The girls ended up leaving around 10:30am since they had a long drive and then I went to pick up Liam.

I gave Liam lunch at my parents and then we went to Joe’s parents for the Green Bay Packer football game. Liam napped most of the game but did wake up in time to see a Packer victory! (Seriously could not get them both to look at me and smile).


Then it was time to go swimming. The pool was heated to about 80 so it was nice and warm for swimming. Getting in was the hard part. Liam and Kameryn had fun though.


After swimming we finally headed home had dinner and relaxed the rest of the evening. Liam was very tired so he had a bath and then off to bed for him. I relaxed and watched some more football before I called it a night.

Hope you had a great weekend too and enjoy the week ahead. The weather here looks like it is going to be beautiful!


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