Liam’s 1st birthday party

How is it that I am already writing a post about Liam’s 1st birthday party? It is so hard to believe how fast time really does go by. People tried telling me and now I totally get it.

We decided to do a woodland creature theme which was super fun. Our party colors were turquoise, orange, white, and browns.

My mom made this adorable sign to welcome all of our guests to the party.


We had matching family t-shirts which is so corny but so cute! We were mama bear, daddy bear, and the birthday bear!

I tried to get woodland creature themed snacks too. We got teddy grahams as bears, cheddar bunnies, cut up beef sticks as logs, nuts as squirrel food, and fruit as forest berries. I also made funfetti cake dip for the teddy grahams. The pictures in the background I got on Etsy and will be used to decorate his future toddler room (insert crying emoji).

My mom made a hedgehog cheese ball with crackers and some acorns from hershey kisses and mini nutter butters.

Joe’s sister Erin made chocolate dipped pretzel rods as birch sticks. I also got apple sauce pouches for all the littles attending the party.

Joe’s mom got us some beautiful flowers from the farmer’s market to use as centerpieces.


We borrowed Joe’s sister’s bounce house for the kids to play in. Liam loved it!

Liam’s little guests had fun with the balloons, water table, and bounce house.

Here is my happy birthday boy getting ready for his smash cake! We thought the bow tie was a nice touch.


I made Liam a healthier smash cake for his 1 year photos and he ended up just hating the frosting on his fingers. I decided to do a naked smash cake with fruit for his party because I knew he would love the fruit. I was right….he picked off the blueberries and wanted nothing to do with the cake or the frosting. (I got Liam’s high chair skirt from Etsy too!)

I tried to get Liam to dig into his cake after only picking at the blueberries but he had no interest.


Liam didn’t have much interest in opening presents either. He opened about 2 and then was done. He had lots of presents so I don’t blame him. We are so thankful for all the gifts and new toys that Liam got.

It was such a great party with so many wonderful guests. Liam is such a lucky little boy to have so many people who love him and wanted to share this special day with him.

I would say this birthday boy had a great 1st birthday!

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