Productive and fun!

As told by the the title of this post we had a productive and a fun weekend!


Liam spent the day home with his dad while I worked. Then after work we went to my parents for dinner. We had lasagna and Liam loved it! It was a great meal and so great to spend some time with my parents.


Then it was home for bath time and bed time for Liam.


This was a pretty uneventful day. Our plan was to power clean the house and that is what we did.

Joe got up super early to work on washing and organizing his clothes. By the time Liam and I woke up Joe was deep into cleaning mode.

We took turns playing with Liam all day so that we each could get our cleaning tasks done and also get a break every now and then.

I was able to clean and organize our bedroom which was much needed.

Other then cleaning the only thing we did was had some fun with snapchat!


We decided after all that cleaning we deserved a Sunday Funday! Also it was Joe’s 6 years which is a huge deal and so he got to pick what we did all day.

We started with pancakes at my Grandparents. Seriously, I don’t know what she does but my Grandma’s pancakes are hands down the best pancakes I have ever had. Must be the love she puts into them right?? Liam got to try his first Grandma pancake (plain) and liked it! Grandma thought he should have some syrup or sugar on them though… haha!

After pancakes we headed home to play with Liam a little more before his nap. While he napped I ran some errands. We are trying to prep as much as we can before his birthday party next Monday.


Once Liam was up we decided to go to Fawn-Doe-Rosa. Joe’s sister and her family met us there. As soon as we walked in to see the animals a baby goat jumped into Liam’s lap in his stroller and freaked him out. We were more careful moving forward.

Liam really enjoyed all the animals but did not like getting too close.

There was an animal presentation shortly after we arrived so we watched that for a few minutes and then decided to keep moving along.


Kameryn and Luke decided to go on the pony ride. Liam enjoyed watching and the kids seemed to be having so much fun!

There was an adorable baby fawn. So little!


Joe and Joel enjoyed looking at the big bucks. Even Liam was excited about it. There were some big deer there!

It was a really great way to spend our afternoon. I would recommend it to anyone who has kids that loves animals. There is a lot to see and lots of free roaming animals that will walk right up to you.

After Fawn-Doe-Rosa we headed to our favorite, Sawmill Pizza, for dinner. My parents met us there. Joe’s sister’s family came too. The flavors were the same as last time we were there so we ended up just getting the spicy jameese.

Then it was time to go home and start settling in to bed time routine. Joe’s parents stopped by for a little bit to see Liam.


After they left we started winding down and getting Liam ready for bed. Then Joe and I had a relaxing evening of House of Cards.

I hope everyone enjoyed the weekend and I hope you have a great week!

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