A no plan weekend filled with plans!

So our relaxing weekend at home turned into a very fun weekend! We still had time to relax but also were very busy too!


Joe and I both had to day off because Liam’s daycare was closed for the day. We figured we would just spend the day together however I had errands to run in the morning and Joe had errands to run in the afternoon so we ended up being busy all day long.

We were able to have a relaxing evening watching the Olympics.


We spent our morning together as a family.

It was my bestie Shawna’s birthday so I asked her out to lunch. She didn’t have plans so a little after noon Liam, Shawna, and I headed out to Rustys for lunch. Our bestie Molly met us out there. I love the food there! It’s so good! And Liam loves people watching so he was good until the very end when he got antsy.


While we were gone at lunch Joe and our neighbor/friend Ryan (or as most call him Batman) started working on Liam’s swing set.

Once we got home we checked out how the guys were doing on the swing set. Then Liam and I had to run a few errands. We brought some ice cream bars to my grandparents and then went to the grocery store.

After we got home Liam was ready for another nap. He has been taking 2 naps a day again which is fine since he sleeps all night too. Must be growing or something (just stop 😦 lol).Liam and I then had some more errands to run. We had to drop off some ice cream bars at my grandparents and then go to the grocery store.

Ryan’s wife Becky and son Keaton were going to join us for dinner so while Liam napped I did some food prep.

Once the guys finished the swing set Ryan went and got Becky and Keaton. We enjoyed then swing set while we waited.

The kiddos played for a little while before it was time for us all to eat.

We made burgers, smashed potatoes, and cucumber salad with our fresh garden cucumbers. It was all super yummy!

The kids played more and went in the swings on the swing set. They are just too cute! It’s hard to get them both to look and smile at the same time.

Then the little ones (and adults) were getting tired so they headed home. We put Liam to bed and watch a couple episodes of House of Cards before calling it a night.


We had a nice relaxing morning. Joe even decided to sleep in a little which is rare for him. We had family time and had the olympics going in the background (it was women’s marathon running—holy cow!).

It was a beautiful morning so we spent time on the swing set and on the deck most of the morning.


Liam took a 3 hour nap from 10-1 so that gave me lots of time to work on cleaning the house. I’m trying to tackle as much as I can with his 1 year birthday party coming up so quickly.

After he woke up we spent some more time outside. The weather was just perfect! I made him his own little swimming pool with a rubbermaid container. That kept him entertained for a little while.


The we decided to go to Sawmill Pizza for dinner. Joe’s sister asked us to go. She also invited their friends the Cunningham’s. We invited my parents to come as well. My brother and his family ended up coming too. It was a lot of people and a lot of fun!

There were interesting pizza choices for this month. We decided to try the two new ones and get the Spicy Jameese (my favorite) again. Joe really liked the expectant mother. It sounds super weird but is actually really good! I like the Ole. My favorite is still the spicy Jameese though.

All the kids were able to run around and play outside. It really is the perfect place to bring kids.

I got to meet this little cutie and I couldn’t stop holding and cuddling him. He is the Cunningham’s newest addition and he is adorable! Can you say baby fever?!?


The little boys were so cute and to my surprise we got them all to take a super cute picture!

Liam’s cousins Luke and Judah love him very much!

It was a great evening with friends and family. And a great way to end the weekend.

The rest of our evening was spent watching House of Cards. That show just sucks you right in! It’s so good!

We couldn’t have asked for a better weekend. The weather was wonderful and even though we planned to have no plans and ended up with lots of plans, it was perfect! We are so thankful for our friends and family!

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