Visit to the farm, a wedding, and a pool day

Summer continues to keep us very busy! We had another really fun weekend filled with family and friends. The weather was great too!


We went out to our friend Ben’s farm to pick some sweet corn and let Liam watch the cows. Liam was amused by both. He wasn’t too sure about the cows though.

Then we stopped at my aunt and uncle’s cabin to say hi and visit quick. Then we headed home for a relaxing evening.

After Liam went to bed Joe and I watched House of Cards. We are obsessed.


We had my bestie Jordan’s wedding and it was so beautiful. It will have it’s own post tomorrow but I can’t resist a sneak peek!


Also this was Liam’s first time with a non-family member babysitter. I was super nervous about it but he did great and she was amazing! She even cleaned!! We are so lucky to have her as Liam’s babysitter.


Joe and I were both super tired after a late night at the wedding. He let me take a quick morning nap and then we headed to Rusty’s for breakfast.

We spent the rest of the morning playing inside. Then I let Joe take his nap while I played with Liam a little longer before it was his bed time. I debated another nap because I was so tired but just ended up resting on the couch.

After Liam’s nap we headed to my parents for a pool day. It was so nice outside and Liam enjoyed kicking in the pool!

We had dinner there and then headed home to give Liam a bath and get him into bed.

This coming weekend will be our first weekend with no plans! I’m sure that will change in a hurry but it’s nice to know we can choose what we want to do all weekend long! Have a great week!

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