Liam is 11 months old

How can it be that in 1 short month Liam will be 1 year old already?! Time is flying and he is still learning and growing so much every day. I am just amazed by this little boy. He certainly has stolen my heart!



Liam is still sleeping really great. We had a few nights where he woke up crying, we are thinking because of his teeth, but other than that he sleeps through the night. He goes to bed around 7pm and gets up around 6am. Sometimes a little earlier.

Liam’s nap schedule is still mostly in the air at this point however he is pretty much sticking to one nap a day regardless of whether that nap is earlier or later in the day. His naps are typically around 2-3 hours long which is super nice!


Liam eats everything! We are continuing to add new foods to his meals and he just loves everything we give him. It is so nice that he is such a good eater.


Liam is still speed crawling everywhere! He is so quick! He is using furniture and toys to move while standing. He is bringing himself to standing on everything he can and has been standing on his own for a few seconds at a time. He is getting very brave and I’m worried he is going to be running any day now!



Liam now has his 2 top middle teeth bringing him to a total of 4 teeth. They both broke through this month. This time teething wasn’t so bad for him. Just a few nights where it woke him up. During the day he was fine though, just a lot of drool!


Liam loves using a walker to walk on his own. We don’t have one at our house unfortunately but at my parents he was having a blast using the walker. Liam loves being chased too. He will take off crawling super fast and then look back and just giggle. He still is pointing at everything and so we have begun telling him what the things are he points at. He is giving more and more open mouth kisses. He still enjoys clapping, banging toys together or on the wood floor, and making loud noises. He has started throwing the ball for Marley and thinks that is pretty great. He likes sticking his tongue out and making noises with his tongue too.

Liam is beginning to speak more clearly. He has been saying “all done” for some time now. He knows to say it when he finishes a bottle or when he is done eating his meal. He will also say it when he wants to get out of his car seat or doesn’t want his diaper changed. He says it out of context as well so he is still learning but him saying “all done” amazes me! He also says “da-da” or “DA!” for dad and  “ma-ma” for mom. He babbles a ton but nothing else that we recognize as a word for him. He does say  “pa-pa” which may mean puppy since we call Marley that a lot but we are not sure. Either way, he is learning new words very quickly and loves to imitate sounds.



  • being outside
  • Marley
  • when he sees his dad
  • bath time
  • sucking on his swaddle blanket
  • banging toys together to make noise
  • his water table
  • swinging at the park
  • being around other kids
  • walking with a walker
  • being chased
  • imitating sounds


  • getting his face wiped
  • mom picking in his nose or ears
  • waiting for his food
  • being told “no”

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