Sunshine and Summer time!

We had a wonderful, relaxing, and fun weekend at Joe’s parent’s cabin. They had their friends, the Hubmers (Jon, Carrie, Bailey, and Reece), up for the weekend also and we had so much fun and lots of laughs!


Joe and I both got done with work a little early so as soon as we both got home we finished packing up and headed straight for the cabin. To my surprise Liam stayed awake and entertained the majority of the drive but fell asleep for a quick nap about 15 minutes before arriving at the cabin.

Once arriving at the cabin we spent some time outside but then did our evening routine of dinner for Liam, bath, and bedtime. Liam actually ended up staying up a little later and I think it really threw him off because he tossed and turned in his pack and play for quite some time before falling asleep.

Once he was sleeping we were able to relax and spend time by the fire. The night was filled with stories, jokes, and lots of laughs!



For the first time since Liam was little we shared a room with Liam. It actually went well but he was up at 5am. Liam was tired very early on so he ended up going down for a nap around 8:30.

The weather was beautiful starting right away in the morning. Mary, Carrie, and I went for a 5 mile walk to start off before it got too hot. Liam napped the whole time we were gone and ended up taking an almost 3 hour nap. He must have needed it from going to bed late and getting up early.

Kameryn and I spent some of our morning coloring pictures. She let me color Mulan because “she is an adventurer.” Alright! 🙂


Once Liam was up we spent our time outside. We brought Liam’s water table which is always a hit! The weather was gorgeous!

Joe, Liam, and I stayed back while everyone went on the pontoon. Liam was taking his afternoon nap and was going to get up soon but we didn’t mind staying back in the peace and quiet.

Once Liam woke up I got him dressed in the cute overalls the Hubmer’s got for him and had a photo shoot. I was dying over the cuteness!

Then we decided to try out the Surrey Bike. It is a six adult/two child bike. We didn’t take it too far but Liam was having a blast. Once we were done he signed that he wanted to go more.

The pontoon riders saw us when we were by the lake so they came back to the cabin and picked Liam and me up for a quick pontoon ride. He just hates his life jacket but he enjoyed the ride for a little while.

Liam has gotten used to crawling in the grass now (hated it before). He was all over the place!


Later that evening we decided to light a latern. They are always so pretty.

Joe and I sat by the fire for a little while but then called it a night pretty early.


Liam slept a little longer which was nice. Then he wanted to start playing right away. It was a beautiful morning so we headed outside in our jammies.

We spent almost all day outside playing. Liam really liked the barbie jeep. He liked banging on the hood and pretending to drive. He doesn’t usually get a chance to touch the jeep because the kids are always driving it around.

It was another super fun day full of food and laughs. We spent so much time outside that when it was time to go home Liam was exhausted. He fell asleep within minutes of leaving the driveway.


I was feeling awful about how much I ate so we went for a family walk once we got home. It was quick and short but felt good to move. Marley was still at the cabin so she didn’t get to join us.


Toward the end of our walk we stopped by the neighbors house to visit quick. Their little boy is adorable. Both Liam and Keaton are growing so much. The pictures below are 3 months apart. They are getting so big! Slow down time! Also- it’s becoming increasingly challenging to get them both to look at the camera at the same time!


Another fun and busy summer weekend in the books! The weather looks beautiful for this week too! Enjoy the week!

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