Productive and fun!

As told by the the title of this post we had a productive and a fun weekend!


Liam spent the day home with his dad while I worked. Then after work we went to my parents for dinner. We had lasagna and Liam loved it! It was a great meal and so great to spend some time with my parents.


Then it was home for bath time and bed time for Liam.


This was a pretty uneventful day. Our plan was to power clean the house and that is what we did.

Joe got up super early to work on washing and organizing his clothes. By the time Liam and I woke up Joe was deep into cleaning mode.

We took turns playing with Liam all day so that we each could get our cleaning tasks done and also get a break every now and then.

I was able to clean and organize our bedroom which was much needed.

Other then cleaning the only thing we did was had some fun with snapchat!


We decided after all that cleaning we deserved a Sunday Funday! Also it was Joe’s 6 years which is a huge deal and so he got to pick what we did all day.

We started with pancakes at my Grandparents. Seriously, I don’t know what she does but my Grandma’s pancakes are hands down the best pancakes I have ever had. Must be the love she puts into them right?? Liam got to try his first Grandma pancake (plain) and liked it! Grandma thought he should have some syrup or sugar on them though… haha!

After pancakes we headed home to play with Liam a little more before his nap. While he napped I ran some errands. We are trying to prep as much as we can before his birthday party next Monday.


Once Liam was up we decided to go to Fawn-Doe-Rosa. Joe’s sister and her family met us there. As soon as we walked in to see the animals a baby goat jumped into Liam’s lap in his stroller and freaked him out. We were more careful moving forward.

Liam really enjoyed all the animals but did not like getting too close.

There was an animal presentation shortly after we arrived so we watched that for a few minutes and then decided to keep moving along.


Kameryn and Luke decided to go on the pony ride. Liam enjoyed watching and the kids seemed to be having so much fun!

There was an adorable baby fawn. So little!


Joe and Joel enjoyed looking at the big bucks. Even Liam was excited about it. There were some big deer there!

It was a really great way to spend our afternoon. I would recommend it to anyone who has kids that loves animals. There is a lot to see and lots of free roaming animals that will walk right up to you.

After Fawn-Doe-Rosa we headed to our favorite, Sawmill Pizza, for dinner. My parents met us there. Joe’s sister’s family came too. The flavors were the same as last time we were there so we ended up just getting the spicy jameese.

Then it was time to go home and start settling in to bed time routine. Joe’s parents stopped by for a little bit to see Liam.


After they left we started winding down and getting Liam ready for bed. Then Joe and I had a relaxing evening of House of Cards.

I hope everyone enjoyed the weekend and I hope you have a great week!

Our trip to the Dells

We took a long weekend trip to the Wisconsin Dells to visit my Aunt Sherrie. Prepare for lots of pictures!!!! It was super fun and Liam enjoyed his first trip ever to the dells! My Mom came with us because my Dad had golf on Thursday and was going to drive on his own Thursday night. We left at bedtime Wednesday night and made it to the Dells around 10pm. Liam transitioned well to the pack and play. We hung out and chatted for a little bit before calling it a night.


Joe wanted Dunkin’ Donuts so bad so he went as early as he could and picked us up coffee and donuts.


After breakfast we started our day with an almost 2 mile walk. I tried to run a little bit but the air was thick with humidity and as the sun came out it got hotter and hotter. We decided to head back to the house and straight to the pool.

We ended up spending most of the day by the pool. It was a very relaxing day.

After we all showered and got ready for the day we decided to go downtown to the main street and walk around and go to dinner.


Joe wanted a new Wisconsin Badger hat so we headed to a sports store. We ended up finding Liam the cutest Badger hat too so we HAD to get it for him. He just looked too adorable in it.

There is this clock that tells a story every hour on the hour so we stopped there and watched for a little bit. We also went to the jerky store and cheese store before heading to dinner.


We couldn’t wait to have dinner at MACS Macaroni and Cheese Shop. We had been talking about it all day and what kinds we were going to get. My mom got chipotle mac, Joe got buffalo chicken mac, and I got jalapeno popper mac. All were really good but I think my mom’s was the best one this time. Unfortunately I forgot to take pictures of our dinners but don’t worry we went again on Friday with my dad and I snapped a few pictures.

After MACS we walked around a little bit more. They have a street blocked off where there is a boat and a stage for nightly entertainment.

Then decided it was time to head home to get Liam to bed. However before he went down Joe, Liam, and I went for a little ride on the UTV. Liam loved it. Don’t worry, he didn’t drive! 🙂

After Liam went down we spent the remainder of the night chatting and watching the Olympics.


My dad arrived late Thursday night and got some great snuggles with Liam in the morning. Liam rarely snuggles anyone so this was a moment worth capturing. So cute!


It was a super rainy morning so we tried to keep busy inside and watched more of the Olympics while we waited for the weather to clear. It worked out pretty nice because Liam was able to stay on schedule and get his nap in before we had plans to leave the house.

Once Liam was awake we decided to go to Timbavati Wildlife Park. This was the perfect activity for Liam. There were so many animals for him to see.

There was an adorable baby monkey. Liam liked the monkeys because they moved the most. They were fun to watch.


There was also a parakeet enclosure where you could feed the parakeets. There were so many of them and they were so pretty. Liam was very entertained by all the birds but after about 5-10 minutes he had enough and was ready to move on.

They had pig races too so we decided to go watch that. It was a slow race and the lady had to encourage the pigs to move. However, the pig I chose, Sw-einstein, won the race.


After the race we went to see the giraffes, kangaroos, and turtles. The giraffes were super close and they scared Liam.

This was a super fun family event. We weren’t super impressed with the park and the size of the enclosures but it was a good activity to get us out of the house and entertain Liam.

There was a candy shoppe by the park so we stopped there and got a few treats while Liam played on one of the carousel horses with Sherrie.

Then we decided to go mini golfing. We started at the little park they had there so Liam could get some play time in. He enjoyed it very much.


Then the men mini golfed while the women watched.

I was able to get some cute pictures of Liam. He learned how to blow kisses this weekend and it is about the cutest thing ever!

Joe let me shoot the last 2 shots for him while he held Liam. It was fun!


Then we headed downtown again and back to MACS. This time I got the taco mac, Joe got the hangover mac, my mom got chipotle mac, Sherrie got cheeseburger mac, and my dad got mama’s mac. My taco mac was really good. The cheeseburger mac was good as well but not what I was expecting. Joe and I both agreed that my dad’s mama’s mac was really good too and maybe one of the best ones there if you are looking for a simple mac and cheese dish.

We walked downtown a little bit more after and then the women and Liam headed back to give Liam a bath and to bed again.

Joe, my dad, and my twin cousins Riley and Andrew went to do a Zombie outbreak and go-karts after dinner. At Zombie outbreak they have to “kill” the zombies and I guess it is pretty scary. They had a lot of fun.


The night it rained again and was a little rainy in the morning. After more coffee and more donuts, my dad and Joe went to mini golf again while we tried to decide what to do for the day.


We ended up deciding to go to the outlet mall. It was huge and there were so many stores. I ended up spending most of my time in Old Navy and Nike. It was a lot of fun and Liam was a trooper.

Once we got home we decided to play croquet. We weren’t entirely sure of the rules but had fun playing none the less!

Liam woke up from his nap to watch us play and eat a snack. He looks so grown up!


We decided to make dinner this evening instead of going out which was a good choice. We had burgers and they were just what we all needed.

We played with Liam after dinner then it was bed time for him.


My dad and Joe decided to go mini golfing again while my mom, Sherrie, and I stayed back to relax and watch more Olympics.


We had planned to leave around 10 or 12 but Liam had other plans. He woke up quite crabby. We ended up leaving around 8:30 and Liam slept the whole 3 hours home. He was a tired boy after such a busy weekend.

We spent the majority of our day relaxing and settling back in to life at home.

We did visit our friends Colin and Emily for a few minutes since they won’t be able to make Liam’s birthday party. It was great to see them.

Then it was bath time for Liam, bed time for Liam, and House of Cards for me and Joe.

We headed to bed pretty early to get some rest before Monday!

We are so thankful for such a fun and long weekend in the Dells! Thank you to Sherrie for hosting us! We are so happy to have been able to spend time with you!

Have a great week everyone!


Banana Oatmeal Muffins for Baby

When Liam first started eating solids I had a hard time thinking of different foods to give him. When I found this recipe I was super excited because it is healthy, easy, quick and perfect for baby!


Liam loved them so much! He couldn’t get enough. I try to make them any chance I get ripe bananas now.

Banana Oatmeal Blender Muffins for Baby
makes 9-12 muffins


  • 2 very ripe bananas
  • 3/4 cup old fashioned oatmeal
  • 1 egg
  • 1/4 cup breast milk or formula


  1. preheat oven to 350 degrees
  2. blend all ingredients in a high powered blender
  3. line muffin pan with cupcake lines or coat lightly with coconut oil
  4. pour muffin batter into muffin pan
  5. bake 10-12 minutes
  6. allow to cool completely before serving
  7. store extra muffins in an air-tight container in the refrigerator or freeze for future use


I used cupcake liners when baking these muffins. Some of the batter did stick to the liner so it may be worth it to try coating the pan with coconut oil instead. I didn’t freeze any because Liam would go through them pretty quickly. Also when I made this recipe the first time it made 9 and the muffins were decent size however I wanted them a little smaller so I split it into 12 the next time and that was perfect for Liam.

Also I did cut them into bite size pieces for him. It was easier for him to eat it when it was cut up.

I hope your baby enjoys these muffins as much as Liam did and does!

A no plan weekend filled with plans!

So our relaxing weekend at home turned into a very fun weekend! We still had time to relax but also were very busy too!


Joe and I both had to day off because Liam’s daycare was closed for the day. We figured we would just spend the day together however I had errands to run in the morning and Joe had errands to run in the afternoon so we ended up being busy all day long.

We were able to have a relaxing evening watching the Olympics.


We spent our morning together as a family.

It was my bestie Shawna’s birthday so I asked her out to lunch. She didn’t have plans so a little after noon Liam, Shawna, and I headed out to Rustys for lunch. Our bestie Molly met us out there. I love the food there! It’s so good! And Liam loves people watching so he was good until the very end when he got antsy.


While we were gone at lunch Joe and our neighbor/friend Ryan (or as most call him Batman) started working on Liam’s swing set.

Once we got home we checked out how the guys were doing on the swing set. Then Liam and I had to run a few errands. We brought some ice cream bars to my grandparents and then went to the grocery store.

After we got home Liam was ready for another nap. He has been taking 2 naps a day again which is fine since he sleeps all night too. Must be growing or something (just stop 😦 lol).Liam and I then had some more errands to run. We had to drop off some ice cream bars at my grandparents and then go to the grocery store.

Ryan’s wife Becky and son Keaton were going to join us for dinner so while Liam napped I did some food prep.

Once the guys finished the swing set Ryan went and got Becky and Keaton. We enjoyed then swing set while we waited.

The kiddos played for a little while before it was time for us all to eat.

We made burgers, smashed potatoes, and cucumber salad with our fresh garden cucumbers. It was all super yummy!

The kids played more and went in the swings on the swing set. They are just too cute! It’s hard to get them both to look and smile at the same time.

Then the little ones (and adults) were getting tired so they headed home. We put Liam to bed and watch a couple episodes of House of Cards before calling it a night.


We had a nice relaxing morning. Joe even decided to sleep in a little which is rare for him. We had family time and had the olympics going in the background (it was women’s marathon running—holy cow!).

It was a beautiful morning so we spent time on the swing set and on the deck most of the morning.


Liam took a 3 hour nap from 10-1 so that gave me lots of time to work on cleaning the house. I’m trying to tackle as much as I can with his 1 year birthday party coming up so quickly.

After he woke up we spent some more time outside. The weather was just perfect! I made him his own little swimming pool with a rubbermaid container. That kept him entertained for a little while.


The we decided to go to Sawmill Pizza for dinner. Joe’s sister asked us to go. She also invited their friends the Cunningham’s. We invited my parents to come as well. My brother and his family ended up coming too. It was a lot of people and a lot of fun!

There were interesting pizza choices for this month. We decided to try the two new ones and get the Spicy Jameese (my favorite) again. Joe really liked the expectant mother. It sounds super weird but is actually really good! I like the Ole. My favorite is still the spicy Jameese though.

All the kids were able to run around and play outside. It really is the perfect place to bring kids.

I got to meet this little cutie and I couldn’t stop holding and cuddling him. He is the Cunningham’s newest addition and he is adorable! Can you say baby fever?!?


The little boys were so cute and to my surprise we got them all to take a super cute picture!

Liam’s cousins Luke and Judah love him very much!

It was a great evening with friends and family. And a great way to end the weekend.

The rest of our evening was spent watching House of Cards. That show just sucks you right in! It’s so good!

We couldn’t have asked for a better weekend. The weather was wonderful and even though we planned to have no plans and ended up with lots of plans, it was perfect! We are so thankful for our friends and family!

The Seifert Wedding

One of my best friends got married this weekend. Jordan and Jesse were married Saturday August 6th and it was beautiful! The weather was perfect and so was the day! Joe and I had so much fun!

The ceremony was short, sweet, and beautiful. The bride and groom were all smiles the whole time. I could really feel the love they shared in the room. It is always so amazing to see a friend get married and see how happy they are—it’s heartwarming.

They had beautiful wedding colors and the bridesmaids looked so pretty in their different dresses.


Jordan and Jesse’s family all looked so stunning! And the maid of honor, Katrina, looked so pretty too! I loved Jordan’s mom’s dress. Also how cool for Jordan’s brother and his wife to walk down the aisle again together!

Look at this handsome groom waiting for his bride!




The flower girl and ring bearer could not have been any cuter! Just adorable!

I was definitely close to tears as Jordan walked down the aisle. She looked so beautiful, and nervous, and happy! Her dress was so pretty and perfect for her.

Jordan and Jesse decided to do a unity candle for their marriage.


They said “I do” and Jesse kissed his bride! This amazing couple could not look any happier. I am just so happy for them!


After the ceremony we spent some time taking pictures. And by we I mean Joe took pictures of me and my girl friends! We like to dress up and get pretty so we take hundreds of pictures! 🙂 I think we are a pretty good looking group!


We even had time to visit our little man between the ceremony and the reception. He was having fun with the babysitter and had no problems with us stopping quick and then leaving again. It was nice for Liam to see his frauntie Amanda who lives in DC and doesn’t get to see him very much. It took him a little bit to warm up to her.

After our visit to the house we went to the Badger in town and had some drinks and appetizers before cocktail hour started in Hudson.

The reception was at the Troy Burne Golf Club in Hudson. It was such a pretty location. When we entered they had a place for gifts and the guest book, as well as the seating chart. It was all very cute!

Cocktail hour had snacks and drinks and then it was time for dinner. We had a great meal with lots of options for sides. It was all very yummy!

Of course I had to check out the dessert table. There was this adorable hand written note from Jordan’s grandma on the dessert table. All the desserts looked delicious! Jordan even fed me a bite of the wedding cake—yum!

Jordan and Jesse served her Grandma Bea the first piece of cake and it was adorable! Such a precious moment to share that cake with her as she requested in 1992.

I definitely enjoyed a cake pop and some mini cheesecake bars!


The scenery outside was so beautiful and the sun was shining just perfect. We took a ton of pictures outside.

The bride was just stunning!


My parents were at the wedding as well so I was able to get some pictures with them and Joe.

It is so awesome to go to a friend’s wedding and see my parents and my friends’ parents all excited to see each other and spending time together. They are all so funny and I just love them all! Those cigars!

Jordan and Jesse’s first dance was beautiful. They both looked so much in love! It was adorable!

Jordan’s dance with her dad tugged at my heart strings for sure! You could really see the love that Jordan has for her dad and vice versa.

We had to take some fun pictures with my dad while he was holding Jordan’s bouquet. He is just so funny!

It was so much fun celebrating Mr. and Mrs. Seifert. Their wedding was picture perfect and their love for one another lit up the room.


I am so happy for these two and the life they have ahead of them as husband and wife. I am so thankful to have been able to celebrate with them and witness the love they share. Jordan has been such an amazing friend to me and I am so glad she found Jesse to spend the rest of her life with. I wish them so much happiness, laughter, and love in their life together. Congrats Jordan and Jesse!

Liam is 11 months old

How can it be that in 1 short month Liam will be 1 year old already?! Time is flying and he is still learning and growing so much every day. I am just amazed by this little boy. He certainly has stolen my heart!



Liam is still sleeping really great. We had a few nights where he woke up crying, we are thinking because of his teeth, but other than that he sleeps through the night. He goes to bed around 7pm and gets up around 6am. Sometimes a little earlier.

Liam’s nap schedule is still mostly in the air at this point however he is pretty much sticking to one nap a day regardless of whether that nap is earlier or later in the day. His naps are typically around 2-3 hours long which is super nice!


Liam eats everything! We are continuing to add new foods to his meals and he just loves everything we give him. It is so nice that he is such a good eater.


Liam is still speed crawling everywhere! He is so quick! He is using furniture and toys to move while standing. He is bringing himself to standing on everything he can and has been standing on his own for a few seconds at a time. He is getting very brave and I’m worried he is going to be running any day now!



Liam now has his 2 top middle teeth bringing him to a total of 4 teeth. They both broke through this month. This time teething wasn’t so bad for him. Just a few nights where it woke him up. During the day he was fine though, just a lot of drool!


Liam loves using a walker to walk on his own. We don’t have one at our house unfortunately but at my parents he was having a blast using the walker. Liam loves being chased too. He will take off crawling super fast and then look back and just giggle. He still is pointing at everything and so we have begun telling him what the things are he points at. He is giving more and more open mouth kisses. He still enjoys clapping, banging toys together or on the wood floor, and making loud noises. He has started throwing the ball for Marley and thinks that is pretty great. He likes sticking his tongue out and making noises with his tongue too.

Liam is beginning to speak more clearly. He has been saying “all done” for some time now. He knows to say it when he finishes a bottle or when he is done eating his meal. He will also say it when he wants to get out of his car seat or doesn’t want his diaper changed. He says it out of context as well so he is still learning but him saying “all done” amazes me! He also says “da-da” or “DA!” for dad and  “ma-ma” for mom. He babbles a ton but nothing else that we recognize as a word for him. He does say  “pa-pa” which may mean puppy since we call Marley that a lot but we are not sure. Either way, he is learning new words very quickly and loves to imitate sounds.



  • being outside
  • Marley
  • when he sees his dad
  • bath time
  • sucking on his swaddle blanket
  • banging toys together to make noise
  • his water table
  • swinging at the park
  • being around other kids
  • walking with a walker
  • being chased
  • imitating sounds


  • getting his face wiped
  • mom picking in his nose or ears
  • waiting for his food
  • being told “no”

Visit to the farm, a wedding, and a pool day

Summer continues to keep us very busy! We had another really fun weekend filled with family and friends. The weather was great too!


We went out to our friend Ben’s farm to pick some sweet corn and let Liam watch the cows. Liam was amused by both. He wasn’t too sure about the cows though.

Then we stopped at my aunt and uncle’s cabin to say hi and visit quick. Then we headed home for a relaxing evening.

After Liam went to bed Joe and I watched House of Cards. We are obsessed.


We had my bestie Jordan’s wedding and it was so beautiful. It will have it’s own post tomorrow but I can’t resist a sneak peek!


Also this was Liam’s first time with a non-family member babysitter. I was super nervous about it but he did great and she was amazing! She even cleaned!! We are so lucky to have her as Liam’s babysitter.


Joe and I were both super tired after a late night at the wedding. He let me take a quick morning nap and then we headed to Rusty’s for breakfast.

We spent the rest of the morning playing inside. Then I let Joe take his nap while I played with Liam a little longer before it was his bed time. I debated another nap because I was so tired but just ended up resting on the couch.

After Liam’s nap we headed to my parents for a pool day. It was so nice outside and Liam enjoyed kicking in the pool!

We had dinner there and then headed home to give Liam a bath and get him into bed.

This coming weekend will be our first weekend with no plans! I’m sure that will change in a hurry but it’s nice to know we can choose what we want to do all weekend long! Have a great week!

Sunshine and Summer time!

We had a wonderful, relaxing, and fun weekend at Joe’s parent’s cabin. They had their friends, the Hubmers (Jon, Carrie, Bailey, and Reece), up for the weekend also and we had so much fun and lots of laughs!


Joe and I both got done with work a little early so as soon as we both got home we finished packing up and headed straight for the cabin. To my surprise Liam stayed awake and entertained the majority of the drive but fell asleep for a quick nap about 15 minutes before arriving at the cabin.

Once arriving at the cabin we spent some time outside but then did our evening routine of dinner for Liam, bath, and bedtime. Liam actually ended up staying up a little later and I think it really threw him off because he tossed and turned in his pack and play for quite some time before falling asleep.

Once he was sleeping we were able to relax and spend time by the fire. The night was filled with stories, jokes, and lots of laughs!



For the first time since Liam was little we shared a room with Liam. It actually went well but he was up at 5am. Liam was tired very early on so he ended up going down for a nap around 8:30.

The weather was beautiful starting right away in the morning. Mary, Carrie, and I went for a 5 mile walk to start off before it got too hot. Liam napped the whole time we were gone and ended up taking an almost 3 hour nap. He must have needed it from going to bed late and getting up early.

Kameryn and I spent some of our morning coloring pictures. She let me color Mulan because “she is an adventurer.” Alright! 🙂


Once Liam was up we spent our time outside. We brought Liam’s water table which is always a hit! The weather was gorgeous!

Joe, Liam, and I stayed back while everyone went on the pontoon. Liam was taking his afternoon nap and was going to get up soon but we didn’t mind staying back in the peace and quiet.

Once Liam woke up I got him dressed in the cute overalls the Hubmer’s got for him and had a photo shoot. I was dying over the cuteness!

Then we decided to try out the Surrey Bike. It is a six adult/two child bike. We didn’t take it too far but Liam was having a blast. Once we were done he signed that he wanted to go more.

The pontoon riders saw us when we were by the lake so they came back to the cabin and picked Liam and me up for a quick pontoon ride. He just hates his life jacket but he enjoyed the ride for a little while.

Liam has gotten used to crawling in the grass now (hated it before). He was all over the place!


Later that evening we decided to light a latern. They are always so pretty.

Joe and I sat by the fire for a little while but then called it a night pretty early.


Liam slept a little longer which was nice. Then he wanted to start playing right away. It was a beautiful morning so we headed outside in our jammies.

We spent almost all day outside playing. Liam really liked the barbie jeep. He liked banging on the hood and pretending to drive. He doesn’t usually get a chance to touch the jeep because the kids are always driving it around.

It was another super fun day full of food and laughs. We spent so much time outside that when it was time to go home Liam was exhausted. He fell asleep within minutes of leaving the driveway.


I was feeling awful about how much I ate so we went for a family walk once we got home. It was quick and short but felt good to move. Marley was still at the cabin so she didn’t get to join us.


Toward the end of our walk we stopped by the neighbors house to visit quick. Their little boy is adorable. Both Liam and Keaton are growing so much. The pictures below are 3 months apart. They are getting so big! Slow down time! Also- it’s becoming increasingly challenging to get them both to look at the camera at the same time!


Another fun and busy summer weekend in the books! The weather looks beautiful for this week too! Enjoy the week!