The BEST(ler) DAMM(ermann) Wedding

Joe’s cousin Andrew got married on Sunday to Justine and it was the most beautiful wedding! Everything was so perfect. We are so happy to have been able to celebrate their love and witness their marriage.


The wedding was at the Aria in Minneapolis and it was such a beautiful venue. The set up, decorations, flowers, everything was amazing!


My wedding date was looking pretty sharp!


Let’s start with the Bestlers! What a good looking group of people! Seriously they all look so beautiful and handsome! Look at the stunning bride and groom too!!


Kameryn (our niece) was one of the flower girls. Isn’t she just so sweet?

They even had their own snapchat filters!! How cool is that??

The ceremony was very personal and represented them both so well. It always touches my heart and reminds me of my love for Joe when I listen to the officiant at weddings and to the happy couple making their vows to one another.


They had such a neat idea to represent their unity. They had glass beads in multiple different colors and had both their grandparents and parents pour in a color to represent them and mixed it all together. Then they will have it blown into a glass vase forever symbolizing the joining of their families and the many years of love they all share.


After the ceremony there were signature drinks, champagne, and appetizers. The appetizers were amazing. The staff kept bringing them out on trays and I couldn’t help but try every one of them (several times). The drinks were good also! I even had to show my ID (woohoo)!


There was a lot of time in between the ceremony and dinner to socialize and that is what we did! We took lots of pictures too.

We got these cute keys with our place cards for dinner. What an adorable idea.


Once dinner was ready we were all stunned by the beautiful set up. The table settings and decorations were just so beautiful. Joe and I got different meal choices and tried each others. Both options were delicious!

The new Mr. and Mrs. had their first dance while everyone was eating.

Then after dinner was dessert time. So many desserts! I did try several and they all tasted incredible. I honestly could have sat at the dessert table the rest of the evening.

Look at this beautifully decorated mini white chocolate covered oreo!


We had to leave a little earlier than we would have liked to relieve my mom of her babysitting duty and to get ourselves to bed since we both worked on Monday. (Well we both were supposed to work on Monday but I ended up staying home with a little one with pinkeye. Super sad).

I am overall just amazed at how beautiful every little piece of this wedding was. I am so happy for Andrew and Justine and wish them so many years of love, laughter, and happiness together. You two deserve it!



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