Sunshine, pool, river, and a wedding!

This summer is flying by with all the super fun weekends we have been having!


My aunt Sherrie came up for the weekend from the Wisconsin Dells. She stayed at my parents so after work Joe, Liam, and I went to my parents for dinner and to visit.

Joe and my dad lounged outside and had cigars. This is very common for them. They are too funny!


Friday night Liam was super cute and picked up some of his toys and put them away. It was so cute watching him do it. What a good helper!



It was a typical Saturday morning filled with family time, snuggles, and laughs. We love our weekend mornings together.

During Liam’s nap I did T25 total body circuit. It got super sweaty! It was tough but felt so good to get a weekend workout in.


In the afternoon my brother Sean stopped by to visit and so did Joe’s sister Erin.

Then we headed to my parents to hang by the by the pool. Liam loved swimming! He was kicking away and was actually getting himself to move in the water.

It was such a beautiful day to be poolside. It was sunny and hot. Everyone needed to cool off in the water.

Then we decided to head to Taylor’s Falls to see the river. The water is dangerously high right now and according to my dad the river was “rawring” and we had to go see it.


He was right! I couldn’t believe how high the water was! If you look at the picture you can see the dam that the water usually goes through and then there is water overflowing next to it. That water next to it doesn’t typically flow over like that. There is a wall there and all along that ledge that now is not visible due to the high water flowing over the top of it.


Liam didn’t get to see the river because he was sleeping.


After the river we went out to have a quick dinner. Then we headed back to my parents. We stayed at my parents for about 15 more minutes and then it was time to head home and get Liam to bed.


Joe and his dad worked on the deck while Liam and I hung out inside (and maybe took a nap together on the couch).

Liam and I ran to the store quick to get a few groceries and when we returned grandma and uncle Patrick were over to visit (Macy and Axel too).


Then around noon it was time to start getting ready for Joe’s cousin’s wedding. We had to be to the cities at 2:45 to be in pictures.

My mom came over to watch Liam for us. We appreciate her so much! She even sent us the cutest bath time picture.


The wedding was absolutely amazing and will have it’s own post tomorrow.

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!!

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