A birthday and some fair fun!

I hope everyone had a fun weekend! We stayed home this weekend to try and get a few things done around the house and relax. However the weekend ended up getting really busy!


After work we had my Grandpa’s birthday party. We headed over there for cake and ice cream. It was fun to spend time with family. Liam had everyone smiling.

It was fun to see Liam with his cousins too. They are such cute kids!!

I tried to get a cute picture of Liam in this little rocking chair but he made me seem like the meanest mom! Look at the picture in the background, it’s me and my brothers when we were little!


Friday evening Joe started working on our deck. Our old one came with the house and was not very safe so it was time to get a new one. Joe and his dad worked hard on the deck while I deep cleaned our bathroom. It needed to be done and I’m going to try to tackle one room each weekend if I can.



We had our usual relaxing morning routine. Liam lounging with his dad is the cutest thing! Don’t worry there was nothing in the cup, he just likes to pretend there is.


Liam tried these banana muffins I made for him and he loved them! Recipe to come in another post but I highly recommend them for little ones!


Joe and his Dad were working on the deck bright and early. Liam was obsessed with watching them work on the deck. He would bang on the window to get their attention and was so curious as to what they were doing.


They made great progress on the deck but then Joe’s dad had to go to a wedding and we were heading down to our local fair, Fun Fest, to take Liam on some rides. We met my mom there because she wanted to take Liam on the merry-go-round.


We started by getting some food. They actually had a healthy food stand this year! So Joe and I got a ham and turkey wrap to split, cheese curds to share, and corn on the cob. I also had to get a chocolate dipped cheesecake on a stick. YUM! Of course Liam wanted a taste and my mom couldn’t resist teasing him to get this hilarious picture!

Then it was ride time. Liam went on the merry-go-round first with my mom. He had no idea what was going on. Once he started moving he was way more curious about how it worked and what was going on around him then the actual ride. I was able to get some adorable pictures though!

Then Liam and I went on this little train. Again, he wasn’t too sure about it but was content the whole ride.

Then Joe took him on the merry-go-round again. This time he couldn’t stop looking up at how the mechanics of it worked.

I wanted to take Liam on the cars. The firetruck was big enough for me to sit in with him. We got settled in and Liam wanted to ring the bell and seemed interested in this ride. Then the carnival worker came up and said I was too big to ride and Liam was too little. We were super bummed. We got a picture quick first though!


We headed over to let Liam pick a couple ducks. Note to self: He is too little for pick a duck too. He put his hand in the water and then immediately in his mouth. So gross! Joe blocked the ducks from floating past so Liam could pick them. We paid to pick 3. Liam picked two just fine but then didn’t want to pick a third because we kept taking them away. He got 3 prizes but his favorite was the pinwheel!

Then it was home for the evening. Liam and I played while Joe went off to help his uncle with his furnace. Once Joe got home it was bath time and then bed time for Liam.


We decided to have a relaxing evening together that included popcorn and a movie. It was so nice to have an impromptu, at home, date night together. The popcorn was super yummy too!



We headed to our favorite breakfast place, Rusty’s, for breakfast with Joe’s parents and brother. Liam had fun playing with his Grandpa during our meal.

Then Joe and his dad were back to working on the deck.

Liam and I decided to go watch his Frauntie Molly play tennis in the afternoon. However her games were delayed due to morning rain so we ended up just hanging out for a while. Liam was happy to see Molly’s mom Kelly who is his daycare provider. He just loves her!

I forgot to get the mail on Saturday but when I got it there was a nice surprise. Some free goodies from Target. Thank you Target! We are looking forward to letting Liam try the treats once he is a little older.


Joe and his Dad worked on the deck all day and got the platform finished. It looks great.


We relaxed the rest of the evening with dinner and then bath and bed time for Liam. Joe and I then lounged on our new deck, watched an episode of Fixer Upper, and then headed to bed ourselves.

We had such a great weekend with great people! So fun! This momma works my first full week of work since Liam has been born so wish me luck. I am going to miss him so much! I feel like I can’t get anything done at home when I work so much so kudos to those working moms out there who do it all! You are truly amazing! Enjoy the week!

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