Liam is 10 months old

Time is flying and I want it to slow down! I can’t believe Liam is already 10 months old. In two short months he will be a 1 year old. That is just so hard to believe!

As seen below, it is getting increasingly challenging to take pictures of Liam as he is always on the move these days!



There really isn’t much to say about sleep. Liam is still sleeping through the night and this momma couldn’t be happier about it. Sometimes he gets up a little earlier than I prefer (around 5-5:15) but most mornings he sleeps until at least 5:30 or 6.

Liam’s nap schedule is regular at daycare but at home it has been a struggle to find consistency lately. He usually takes a pretty long morning nap and then we have to decide whether an afternoon nap is necessary or not depending on time and length of his morning nap. We are figuring it out but it just isn’t always predictable right now.



Liam is still eating his puréed food but is now eating more solids with every meal. He has bananas a lot. He has tried berries and likes those. He loves watermelon but we have to be careful because he likes to take big bites. He has tried turkey and likes that too. Avocado is another food he really loves now. I’m looking forward to finding more foods to give Liam to try as he is better able to chew now.


Liam is still speed crawling everywhere. He pulls himself to standing regularly now. He has not started moving along furniture or toys yet but that is not far off. He is getting more and more brave while holding himself up.


Liam still only has his two teeth. We were thinking for a little while that another was coming but nothing has popped through yet. His two little teeth are adorable!



Liam likes to be busy. He currently claps, bangs things together, waves hi and bye, clicks his tongue, and does “so big.” He is getting better with his pincer grasp. He figured out how to point this month and has been pointing at people and things. He will give brief hugs/snuggles but he is too busy to snuggle for long. He knows “so nice” means snuggling and loves to do that for a few seconds at a time. He has also started giving (open mouth) kisses! He is beginning to understand how to do peek-a-boo on his own now and loves it.  He has started to babble more and more and now says “da-da.” He loves trying to repeat the sounds we make. He also likes to yell a lot. He really loves doing anything outside. He has also started doing this jumpy thing with his body when he gets really excited.



  • being outside
  • Marley
  • when he sees his dad
  • bath time
  • sucking on his swaddle blanket
  • banging toys together to make noise
  • his new water table
  • swinging at the park
  • being around other kids
  • saying “da-da”
  • playing with his toy hockey stick
  • reading books
  • watching country music videos


  • getting his face wiped
  • mom picking in his nose or ears
  • strangers holding him
  • waiting for his food
  • crawling in the grass

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