The Larson Wedding

We had the pleasure of celebrating one of my best friend Breanna’s wedding on Saturday. Let me tell you….she looked stunning!

It really was just perfect! All the details seemed just right. She had this beautiful sign as we entered into the outside area where the wedding would take place. The sun was shining and the venue was gorgeous!

Breanna’s mom and sister (maid of honor) looked beautiful, happy, and so proud. TJ’s mom looked great as well. Look at all the smiles!

TJ looked so handsome and proud (and maybe a little nervous) as he waited for his bride.


My besties Jordan and Katrina were in the wedding and they also looked amazing. #myfriendsarepretty #forreal

The ceremony was so sweet. Breanna was breath-taking as her father walked her down the aisle to her groom. Look at her dress and veil! Stunning!!

You could see by the expressions on their faces that these two were so happy to be marrying each other. They are just meant to be and it was so amazing to witness two people so much in love taking the next step in their relationship.


They had a really neat idea to plant a unity tree. They planted a tree in dirt from both of their childhood homes.


They exchanged vows and rings and then TJ kissed his bride! These two are just picture perfect!


They were announced as Mr. and Mrs. Larson and because TJ is a police officer he handcuff Breanna and himself together. It was funny and cute!

Then it was reception time. The tables and center pieces were super cute. There were also cute thank you cards at each seat. Breanna definitely took time to get everything just right and it shows. Your hard work was not overlooked Breanna! It looked perfect and so beautiful!

The cakes were amazing! There were several different cakes decorated and displayed perfectly with some cute cake toppers.

During the reception I spent some time taking pictures with all of my friends, including the beautiful bride! I think we have gotten used to taking tons of pictures together since we have all been friends since elementary/middle school!


imageI had to get a picture with each of my parents as well. Especially the birthday boy (my dad’s 50th birthday)! Don’t they both look amazing!?!

I also got some pictures with my hot wedding date! 🙂 He said since he is a dad now he can where shorts to summer weddings. LOL!

Then it was time for the first dance.



Then we all danced the night away! As well as had some fun in the photo booth! I love getting out on the dance floor and cutting loose! I even got Joe to join me for a few slow dances. So fun!


I am so happy to have been able to celebrate such an amazing friend on one of the best days of her life! So happy for you Breanna and TJ. Wishing you so many years of love, laughs, and happiness together!




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