Cabin and 4th of July

Joe and I headed to the cabin after I was done with work on Friday. We spent the whole weekend there other than Saturday for the wedding of my bestie Breanna (the wedding will have it’s own post because it was beautiful).


We went up to the cabin in the evening after a long day of work for me! It was nice to get there and relax! It was a beautiful evening so we spent some time outside. Liam was super happy to be there!


The sunrise was amazing! It is so beautiful to wake up and see this incredible view!


We spent the morning outside enjoying the weather before we had to get ready for the wedding. Joe, Liam, and I went for a morning walk to get some exercise in before the day got too busy.

Joe watched Liam while I took the paddle board out. I took it up to the little island and watched two eagles in the tree. It was so peaceful and the lake was glass.

We brought Liam’s new water table up for the kids to play with. It was a big hit for all the kids.

Joe took the paddle board out quick before he had to get ready for the wedding. The lake was just too calm not to go out on the paddle board.

We headed off to the wedding around 2 and Liam got to spend the rest of the day with his Grandma and Grandpa. He was a good boy for them!

We got back to the cabin late in the night after a super fun time at the wedding.


Joe and I were both so tired after a late night out but Liam was ready to play at 6am so that is when the day started for me. Joe slept in a little more than he usually does which is good for him.


It was a beautiful day again so the majority of our time was spent outside. We started the morning with Liam watching his Grandpa shoot bow. He was very interested in what was going on. It was awesome to watch.

I was able to take the paddle board out again with Joe’s dad Jon. He showed me some of the fishing spots. The lake was so calm it was perfect for paddle boarding. So relaxing again.

We had a fun morning with our niece and nephew while Liam took his nap.

Liam spent more time playing at his water table and in the swing.

I gave him a sunscreen mohawk—cute!


Joe took the jet ski out with his uncle David and drenched Joe’s family who were out on the big floaty. It was so funny! People were bailing and swimming into shore.

Then Joe took our nephew Luke out on the jet ski. They had a good time.

We went out on the pontoon for a quick ride until Liam got upset about his life jacket. I think that is one of the most frustrating things is those darn huge life jackets but safety is most important!

Then we spent some time just lounging outside soaking up the view and the weather.

We had a fire with s’mores in the evening and then at night they had fireworks. I always love the fireworks.


The 4th of July! One of my favorite holidays and for sure Joe’s favorite. I’m not sure if it’s the weather or the fireworks or the low/no pressure get together of the holiday that we love but it is really the best!

We started our morning off with a 10.7 mile bike ride around the lake while Liam went to the park with his aunt, uncle, and cousins.


Then we got our red, white, and blue on and headed outside. We spent to whole day outside in the beautiful sunshine.

Liam had a blast on this cute bike and could have been pushed around for hours!


Then we headed home to celebrate my dad’s 50th birthday that was on Saturday. We had cake and ice cream. It was a fun way to end the weekend.

I hope everyone had a fun 4th of July and weekend. The weather couldn’t have been better for us!

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