Food, friends, and family!

Hi there! I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. We had another really busy and fun weekend. Seems like summer is always so busy but it is really the best and I love it!


Joe and I both got done with work early so we decided to go out for dinner. We went to Rusty’s which is our new favorite place to eat. Joe got the fish and I got a chicken cobb salad. Both were so good! We also started with these cream cheese sticks with jalapeno jelly—YUM!

Liam was so good and ate all his food too. We set him in the back corner so he could watch everyone and eat at the same time. It worked really well.


When we got home I checked out our garden to see if we had any cucumbers and see how the carrots were doing. We keep getting more and more! I love it!

It was bath night for Liam so he got a bath before bed time.


After Liam went to bed Joe and I had a movie night. We were both really tired and couldn’t even finish the movie before we decided it was time for bed.


We had our typical Saturday morning family time again! Then Joe had to bring Marley to the groomer and go help our friends with their air conditioner.


Once Joe got home it was time for me to start getting ready for one of my best friend’s bridal showers.

The bridal shower was at noon and it was soooo cute! It was supposed to be outside but it was raining so it go moved inside. The decorations were adorable!

They had a little mimosa bar that was full of yummy juices and fruit.

They also had a yummy ice cream sundae bar for dessert. I piled mine with delicious fruit!


Jordan looked so beautiful! I loved her white romper!


After the bridal shower it was back home to get ready for the bachelorette party! Changed my dress, added makeup, fixed my hair, and I was ready.


We started with dinner at the the Lion’s Tavern in Stillwater. I split some fried brussel sprouts as an appetizer with my friend Molly and then we also split our meal. We got a chicken caprese sandwich with sweet potato fries. They were both super yummy and I recommend them if you go there!


Jordan again looked stunning! She is so beautiful and had another super cute white dress! The theme was little black dress and pearls. Such a fun and cute theme!


Then we hopped on a party bus. We drove around for quite a while and ended up in River Falls. Then we headed to Hudson and danced at the Smilin’ Moose. Such a fun place to dance and hang out!

After that we head to Boardman and then back into town. We spent more time dancing and socializing. I ended up closing down the bar. I can’t believe I was up that late! Honestly if there is such a thing as too much fun, I think I had it—haha!


I am so thankful for Joe because he got up and fed Liam in the morning. He let me sleep until 7:20 which is way better than 5:30!! I think I could have slept all day though!

We went to Rusty’s for breakfast. Liam was super chatty the whole time but it felt good to get up and moving and eat some food.

My brother Blake has been on tour with Sum 41 (check out this video he made) and they had a show in MN so he was able to come home during the day. We spent the day by the pool and Liam had a blast in the water. He love pointing now and will shake his finger at you if you playfully say “no no no.” He thinks it is so funny!

It was so nice to see Blake and spend time with him since he won’t be back home for a while again. He is going to continue on the Van’s Warped Tour with them and then maybe even do some more work with them after. So proud of him.

Our cousins were also spending the weekend at my parents so it was really great to be able to see them.

Blake and our cousins had to leave but we hung out a little longer with my parents. My dad tried to teach Liam how to use a walker—adorable!

After spending time with family we headed home to get Liam a good nap in. After his nap Joe’s parents came to visit Liam for a little bit. Then we decided we wanted to go to Sawmill Pizza for dinner so we asked Joe’s sister, Erin, and her family if they wanted to join us.

Sawmill Pizza is such a cute place. They have fire grilled pizza and areas to eat. You bring your own drinks, plates, and utensils and they make the pizza.

They only have 4 pizza choices. Three of the choices are crazy ones and then they always have pepperoni. They change the flavors every month.


All of the Pizza choices sounded amazing and we couldn’t decide so we got 3 pizzas and did one half spicy jamese and half pepperoni so the kids could have the pepperoni pizza.

They are thin crust pizzas so we actually ended up eating majority of the pizza we ordered. All of the flavors were super yummy and I couldn’t even pick which one was my favorite. We can’t wait to see what the August flavors are going to be.

After dinner we went to check out the Hawaiian sheep (we thought they were goats but the owner corrected us). One of the male goats stomped at us so the kids and Joe started stomping and Liam thought it was hilarious. He just kept giggling and it was the cutest thing!

Then we headed home for a bath and bedtime for Liam.

After Liam went down Joe and I started a new Netflix series; House of Cards. We have heard great things about it and thought we would give it a try.

Here is to another week! Make it a great one!

The BEST(ler) DAMM(ermann) Wedding

Joe’s cousin Andrew got married on Sunday to Justine and it was the most beautiful wedding! Everything was so perfect. We are so happy to have been able to celebrate their love and witness their marriage.


The wedding was at the Aria in Minneapolis and it was such a beautiful venue. The set up, decorations, flowers, everything was amazing!


My wedding date was looking pretty sharp!


Let’s start with the Bestlers! What a good looking group of people! Seriously they all look so beautiful and handsome! Look at the stunning bride and groom too!!


Kameryn (our niece) was one of the flower girls. Isn’t she just so sweet?

They even had their own snapchat filters!! How cool is that??

The ceremony was very personal and represented them both so well. It always touches my heart and reminds me of my love for Joe when I listen to the officiant at weddings and to the happy couple making their vows to one another.


They had such a neat idea to represent their unity. They had glass beads in multiple different colors and had both their grandparents and parents pour in a color to represent them and mixed it all together. Then they will have it blown into a glass vase forever symbolizing the joining of their families and the many years of love they all share.


After the ceremony there were signature drinks, champagne, and appetizers. The appetizers were amazing. The staff kept bringing them out on trays and I couldn’t help but try every one of them (several times). The drinks were good also! I even had to show my ID (woohoo)!


There was a lot of time in between the ceremony and dinner to socialize and that is what we did! We took lots of pictures too.

We got these cute keys with our place cards for dinner. What an adorable idea.


Once dinner was ready we were all stunned by the beautiful set up. The table settings and decorations were just so beautiful. Joe and I got different meal choices and tried each others. Both options were delicious!

The new Mr. and Mrs. had their first dance while everyone was eating.

Then after dinner was dessert time. So many desserts! I did try several and they all tasted incredible. I honestly could have sat at the dessert table the rest of the evening.

Look at this beautifully decorated mini white chocolate covered oreo!


We had to leave a little earlier than we would have liked to relieve my mom of her babysitting duty and to get ourselves to bed since we both worked on Monday. (Well we both were supposed to work on Monday but I ended up staying home with a little one with pinkeye. Super sad).

I am overall just amazed at how beautiful every little piece of this wedding was. I am so happy for Andrew and Justine and wish them so many years of love, laughter, and happiness together. You two deserve it!


Sunshine, pool, river, and a wedding!

This summer is flying by with all the super fun weekends we have been having!


My aunt Sherrie came up for the weekend from the Wisconsin Dells. She stayed at my parents so after work Joe, Liam, and I went to my parents for dinner and to visit.

Joe and my dad lounged outside and had cigars. This is very common for them. They are too funny!


Friday night Liam was super cute and picked up some of his toys and put them away. It was so cute watching him do it. What a good helper!



It was a typical Saturday morning filled with family time, snuggles, and laughs. We love our weekend mornings together.

During Liam’s nap I did T25 total body circuit. It got super sweaty! It was tough but felt so good to get a weekend workout in.


In the afternoon my brother Sean stopped by to visit and so did Joe’s sister Erin.

Then we headed to my parents to hang by the by the pool. Liam loved swimming! He was kicking away and was actually getting himself to move in the water.

It was such a beautiful day to be poolside. It was sunny and hot. Everyone needed to cool off in the water.

Then we decided to head to Taylor’s Falls to see the river. The water is dangerously high right now and according to my dad the river was “rawring” and we had to go see it.


He was right! I couldn’t believe how high the water was! If you look at the picture you can see the dam that the water usually goes through and then there is water overflowing next to it. That water next to it doesn’t typically flow over like that. There is a wall there and all along that ledge that now is not visible due to the high water flowing over the top of it.


Liam didn’t get to see the river because he was sleeping.


After the river we went out to have a quick dinner. Then we headed back to my parents. We stayed at my parents for about 15 more minutes and then it was time to head home and get Liam to bed.


Joe and his dad worked on the deck while Liam and I hung out inside (and maybe took a nap together on the couch).

Liam and I ran to the store quick to get a few groceries and when we returned grandma and uncle Patrick were over to visit (Macy and Axel too).


Then around noon it was time to start getting ready for Joe’s cousin’s wedding. We had to be to the cities at 2:45 to be in pictures.

My mom came over to watch Liam for us. We appreciate her so much! She even sent us the cutest bath time picture.


The wedding was absolutely amazing and will have it’s own post tomorrow.

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!!

A birthday and some fair fun!

I hope everyone had a fun weekend! We stayed home this weekend to try and get a few things done around the house and relax. However the weekend ended up getting really busy!


After work we had my Grandpa’s birthday party. We headed over there for cake and ice cream. It was fun to spend time with family. Liam had everyone smiling.

It was fun to see Liam with his cousins too. They are such cute kids!!

I tried to get a cute picture of Liam in this little rocking chair but he made me seem like the meanest mom! Look at the picture in the background, it’s me and my brothers when we were little!


Friday evening Joe started working on our deck. Our old one came with the house and was not very safe so it was time to get a new one. Joe and his dad worked hard on the deck while I deep cleaned our bathroom. It needed to be done and I’m going to try to tackle one room each weekend if I can.



We had our usual relaxing morning routine. Liam lounging with his dad is the cutest thing! Don’t worry there was nothing in the cup, he just likes to pretend there is.


Liam tried these banana muffins I made for him and he loved them! Recipe to come in another post but I highly recommend them for little ones!


Joe and his Dad were working on the deck bright and early. Liam was obsessed with watching them work on the deck. He would bang on the window to get their attention and was so curious as to what they were doing.


They made great progress on the deck but then Joe’s dad had to go to a wedding and we were heading down to our local fair, Fun Fest, to take Liam on some rides. We met my mom there because she wanted to take Liam on the merry-go-round.


We started by getting some food. They actually had a healthy food stand this year! So Joe and I got a ham and turkey wrap to split, cheese curds to share, and corn on the cob. I also had to get a chocolate dipped cheesecake on a stick. YUM! Of course Liam wanted a taste and my mom couldn’t resist teasing him to get this hilarious picture!

Then it was ride time. Liam went on the merry-go-round first with my mom. He had no idea what was going on. Once he started moving he was way more curious about how it worked and what was going on around him then the actual ride. I was able to get some adorable pictures though!

Then Liam and I went on this little train. Again, he wasn’t too sure about it but was content the whole ride.

Then Joe took him on the merry-go-round again. This time he couldn’t stop looking up at how the mechanics of it worked.

I wanted to take Liam on the cars. The firetruck was big enough for me to sit in with him. We got settled in and Liam wanted to ring the bell and seemed interested in this ride. Then the carnival worker came up and said I was too big to ride and Liam was too little. We were super bummed. We got a picture quick first though!


We headed over to let Liam pick a couple ducks. Note to self: He is too little for pick a duck too. He put his hand in the water and then immediately in his mouth. So gross! Joe blocked the ducks from floating past so Liam could pick them. We paid to pick 3. Liam picked two just fine but then didn’t want to pick a third because we kept taking them away. He got 3 prizes but his favorite was the pinwheel!

Then it was home for the evening. Liam and I played while Joe went off to help his uncle with his furnace. Once Joe got home it was bath time and then bed time for Liam.


We decided to have a relaxing evening together that included popcorn and a movie. It was so nice to have an impromptu, at home, date night together. The popcorn was super yummy too!



We headed to our favorite breakfast place, Rusty’s, for breakfast with Joe’s parents and brother. Liam had fun playing with his Grandpa during our meal.

Then Joe and his dad were back to working on the deck.

Liam and I decided to go watch his Frauntie Molly play tennis in the afternoon. However her games were delayed due to morning rain so we ended up just hanging out for a while. Liam was happy to see Molly’s mom Kelly who is his daycare provider. He just loves her!

I forgot to get the mail on Saturday but when I got it there was a nice surprise. Some free goodies from Target. Thank you Target! We are looking forward to letting Liam try the treats once he is a little older.


Joe and his Dad worked on the deck all day and got the platform finished. It looks great.


We relaxed the rest of the evening with dinner and then bath and bed time for Liam. Joe and I then lounged on our new deck, watched an episode of Fixer Upper, and then headed to bed ourselves.

We had such a great weekend with great people! So fun! This momma works my first full week of work since Liam has been born so wish me luck. I am going to miss him so much! I feel like I can’t get anything done at home when I work so much so kudos to those working moms out there who do it all! You are truly amazing! Enjoy the week!

Liam is 10 months old

Time is flying and I want it to slow down! I can’t believe Liam is already 10 months old. In two short months he will be a 1 year old. That is just so hard to believe!

As seen below, it is getting increasingly challenging to take pictures of Liam as he is always on the move these days!



There really isn’t much to say about sleep. Liam is still sleeping through the night and this momma couldn’t be happier about it. Sometimes he gets up a little earlier than I prefer (around 5-5:15) but most mornings he sleeps until at least 5:30 or 6.

Liam’s nap schedule is regular at daycare but at home it has been a struggle to find consistency lately. He usually takes a pretty long morning nap and then we have to decide whether an afternoon nap is necessary or not depending on time and length of his morning nap. We are figuring it out but it just isn’t always predictable right now.



Liam is still eating his puréed food but is now eating more solids with every meal. He has bananas a lot. He has tried berries and likes those. He loves watermelon but we have to be careful because he likes to take big bites. He has tried turkey and likes that too. Avocado is another food he really loves now. I’m looking forward to finding more foods to give Liam to try as he is better able to chew now.


Liam is still speed crawling everywhere. He pulls himself to standing regularly now. He has not started moving along furniture or toys yet but that is not far off. He is getting more and more brave while holding himself up.


Liam still only has his two teeth. We were thinking for a little while that another was coming but nothing has popped through yet. His two little teeth are adorable!



Liam likes to be busy. He currently claps, bangs things together, waves hi and bye, clicks his tongue, and does “so big.” He is getting better with his pincer grasp. He figured out how to point this month and has been pointing at people and things. He will give brief hugs/snuggles but he is too busy to snuggle for long. He knows “so nice” means snuggling and loves to do that for a few seconds at a time. He has also started giving (open mouth) kisses! He is beginning to understand how to do peek-a-boo on his own now and loves it.  He has started to babble more and more and now says “da-da.” He loves trying to repeat the sounds we make. He also likes to yell a lot. He really loves doing anything outside. He has also started doing this jumpy thing with his body when he gets really excited.



  • being outside
  • Marley
  • when he sees his dad
  • bath time
  • sucking on his swaddle blanket
  • banging toys together to make noise
  • his new water table
  • swinging at the park
  • being around other kids
  • saying “da-da”
  • playing with his toy hockey stick
  • reading books
  • watching country music videos


  • getting his face wiped
  • mom picking in his nose or ears
  • strangers holding him
  • waiting for his food
  • crawling in the grass

The Larson Wedding

We had the pleasure of celebrating one of my best friend Breanna’s wedding on Saturday. Let me tell you….she looked stunning!

It really was just perfect! All the details seemed just right. She had this beautiful sign as we entered into the outside area where the wedding would take place. The sun was shining and the venue was gorgeous!

Breanna’s mom and sister (maid of honor) looked beautiful, happy, and so proud. TJ’s mom looked great as well. Look at all the smiles!

TJ looked so handsome and proud (and maybe a little nervous) as he waited for his bride.


My besties Jordan and Katrina were in the wedding and they also looked amazing. #myfriendsarepretty #forreal

The ceremony was so sweet. Breanna was breath-taking as her father walked her down the aisle to her groom. Look at her dress and veil! Stunning!!

You could see by the expressions on their faces that these two were so happy to be marrying each other. They are just meant to be and it was so amazing to witness two people so much in love taking the next step in their relationship.


They had a really neat idea to plant a unity tree. They planted a tree in dirt from both of their childhood homes.


They exchanged vows and rings and then TJ kissed his bride! These two are just picture perfect!


They were announced as Mr. and Mrs. Larson and because TJ is a police officer he handcuff Breanna and himself together. It was funny and cute!

Then it was reception time. The tables and center pieces were super cute. There were also cute thank you cards at each seat. Breanna definitely took time to get everything just right and it shows. Your hard work was not overlooked Breanna! It looked perfect and so beautiful!

The cakes were amazing! There were several different cakes decorated and displayed perfectly with some cute cake toppers.

During the reception I spent some time taking pictures with all of my friends, including the beautiful bride! I think we have gotten used to taking tons of pictures together since we have all been friends since elementary/middle school!


imageI had to get a picture with each of my parents as well. Especially the birthday boy (my dad’s 50th birthday)! Don’t they both look amazing!?!

I also got some pictures with my hot wedding date! 🙂 He said since he is a dad now he can where shorts to summer weddings. LOL!

Then it was time for the first dance.



Then we all danced the night away! As well as had some fun in the photo booth! I love getting out on the dance floor and cutting loose! I even got Joe to join me for a few slow dances. So fun!


I am so happy to have been able to celebrate such an amazing friend on one of the best days of her life! So happy for you Breanna and TJ. Wishing you so many years of love, laughs, and happiness together!




Cabin and 4th of July

Joe and I headed to the cabin after I was done with work on Friday. We spent the whole weekend there other than Saturday for the wedding of my bestie Breanna (the wedding will have it’s own post because it was beautiful).


We went up to the cabin in the evening after a long day of work for me! It was nice to get there and relax! It was a beautiful evening so we spent some time outside. Liam was super happy to be there!


The sunrise was amazing! It is so beautiful to wake up and see this incredible view!


We spent the morning outside enjoying the weather before we had to get ready for the wedding. Joe, Liam, and I went for a morning walk to get some exercise in before the day got too busy.

Joe watched Liam while I took the paddle board out. I took it up to the little island and watched two eagles in the tree. It was so peaceful and the lake was glass.

We brought Liam’s new water table up for the kids to play with. It was a big hit for all the kids.

Joe took the paddle board out quick before he had to get ready for the wedding. The lake was just too calm not to go out on the paddle board.

We headed off to the wedding around 2 and Liam got to spend the rest of the day with his Grandma and Grandpa. He was a good boy for them!

We got back to the cabin late in the night after a super fun time at the wedding.


Joe and I were both so tired after a late night out but Liam was ready to play at 6am so that is when the day started for me. Joe slept in a little more than he usually does which is good for him.


It was a beautiful day again so the majority of our time was spent outside. We started the morning with Liam watching his Grandpa shoot bow. He was very interested in what was going on. It was awesome to watch.

I was able to take the paddle board out again with Joe’s dad Jon. He showed me some of the fishing spots. The lake was so calm it was perfect for paddle boarding. So relaxing again.

We had a fun morning with our niece and nephew while Liam took his nap.

Liam spent more time playing at his water table and in the swing.

I gave him a sunscreen mohawk—cute!


Joe took the jet ski out with his uncle David and drenched Joe’s family who were out on the big floaty. It was so funny! People were bailing and swimming into shore.

Then Joe took our nephew Luke out on the jet ski. They had a good time.

We went out on the pontoon for a quick ride until Liam got upset about his life jacket. I think that is one of the most frustrating things is those darn huge life jackets but safety is most important!

Then we spent some time just lounging outside soaking up the view and the weather.

We had a fire with s’mores in the evening and then at night they had fireworks. I always love the fireworks.


The 4th of July! One of my favorite holidays and for sure Joe’s favorite. I’m not sure if it’s the weather or the fireworks or the low/no pressure get together of the holiday that we love but it is really the best!

We started our morning off with a 10.7 mile bike ride around the lake while Liam went to the park with his aunt, uncle, and cousins.


Then we got our red, white, and blue on and headed outside. We spent to whole day outside in the beautiful sunshine.

Liam had a blast on this cute bike and could have been pushed around for hours!


Then we headed home to celebrate my dad’s 50th birthday that was on Saturday. We had cake and ice cream. It was a fun way to end the weekend.

I hope everyone had a fun 4th of July and weekend. The weather couldn’t have been better for us!