Lions, tigers, and bears! Oh my!

Today Liam and I had the pleasure of joining my friend Laura and her little girl Aria at the Minnesota Zoo. We are so thankful that Laura invited us to join her since she has a membership.

Both the kiddos were so good. Liam was soaking up all the activity around him. The people alone were keeping him entertained.

We visited the farm animals. There were a bunch of goats! Liam wasn’t scared like I thought he would be. He wanted to pet them.

The fish tanks were by far Liam’s favorite. He could have sat and watched them all day.

Liam and Aria looked so cute in their matching outfits by the fish tanks! I may be biased but they are such cute kids!

We saw the monkeys. There was even a mommy carrying her baby. Liam liked the monkeys too because they moved a lot.

We went to the butterfly exhibit too. There were so many butterflies flying around. They were so pretty.

We also saw the flamingos. They are Aria’s favorite.

We saw a lot of other exhibits too. It was fun catching up with Laura and doing something fun with the kids. I’m so grateful for this fun mommy and a fun Friday.


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