The weekend #15 and Father’s Day

We had another really busy weekend. Joe’s was unexpected and mine was planned.


We had an unexpected event happen on Friday. Joe’s grandma had a stroke so he had to help his family out with his grandpa (send some prayers please). We were able to have dinner together and put Liam down. Then I relaxed and waited for Joe to come home. There was a beautiful sunset while I waited.



We spent some time together as a family but then I spent my morning getting ready for my friends bridal shower and bachelorette party while Joe spent time with Liam.

I brought Liam to my parents for his first sleepover ever. I was definitely a nervous mommy but I knew my mom would do great with him. My mom sent a reassuring picture he was fine during the day.


Joe then headed to help with his grandpa again while I headed to Eau Claire to celebrate my friend Breanna.

Thr bridal shower started at 1 and had a yummy taco bar. We played games and chatted in a relaxed environment. It was fun to get all the girls together. Breanna looked beautiful as always!

Then it was time to get ready for the bachelorette party! Some of us girls had a hotel room so we got ready there while the others got ready at the house. Then we met up once we were all ready. Breanna again looked stunning! She is going to make a beautiful bride!

The theme was lipstick and lace! We ate dinner and played some games. It was so hot out so we tried to stay in the shade. Then it was off on the party bus!

The bus was full of dancing and giggles. We went out to a few bars and then headed back to the hotel at 1am. That was all this momma could handle. I headed to bed while the others went out to the bar until 2.


We got up nice and early so I could get home to pick up my sweet baby.

Turns out he was a really good boy but had a tough night of sleep. He woke up crying several times and my mom just ended up sleeping with him. Poor baby and lucky grandma to get those snuggles!

I then headed home with Liam so we could celebrate Father’s Day with Joe.


Joe spent the morning picking up a swing set for Liam (what a dad right?) and started putting it together but it got too hot to work much on it.

Then we went out for lunch at Gianna’s in town. It was okay. Joe really liked the pizza. I wasn’t too impressed with my ravioli.

Then in the afternoon we headed to my parents house. We spent the evening by the pool and had dinner there. It was a fun way to celebrate my dad, Joe, and my brother Sean.


Then we headed home to put Liam to bed, watch an episode of Orange is the new Black, and head to bed.

I hope everyone had a great weekend and enjoyed all the sunshine!

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