The weekend #14

We had a busy weekend again! I’m going to start by sharing about our whole Friday since I was off work.


It was so hot and humid out! Liam got to wear the cutest outfit ever!


We headed to pool #1 in the afternoon after Liam’s morning nap. Joe’s parents were leaving for vacation so we went to say goodbye and safe travels as well as to cool down and spend time in the pool. Liam’s uncle Patrick was there to swim with him too.


Then we headed to pool #2. My aunt Sherrie was in town at my parents house so we wanted to stop and say hi before we headed to the cabin for the weekend.

After that we headed home. Liam fell asleep before we even left my parents’ driveway. We waiting for Joe to get home and then headed to the cabin at bedtime.

We were able to see a beautiful pink sky over the lake as the sun was setting.



Joe has to work in the AC unit at the cabin but luckily we were able to get some family time in before he had to work.

We went for a family walk in the morning. It was super humid but nice to get out as a family.

Then we went out for breakfast at a tiny local cafe. I got a delicious breakfast burrito and was way too full after.

Liam and I spent a lot of time trying to beat the heat!

We spent time by the lake and in the lake.

He loves being in the swing at the cabin too. We don’t have one at home so this is fun for him to do.

We also got the kiddie pool out for him to splash and cool down in. Little dare devil decided to try standing in there too!

Joe was working almost all day so that was a bummer but it was nice for Liam and I to spend time outside.



Joe still had some work to do. So Liam and I spent the morning together.


While Liam napped I started doing some packing to head home.

We were able to wrap up packing in time for Liam’s second nap.

Once home we decided to head to the pool where we met up with Liam’s cousins.

Then the rest of the evening was devoted to relaxation!

I hope you had a great weekend!


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