Cabin life with friends

This weekend was a good one! We were able to head north to the cabin and have our friends join us. Joe’s parents are out of town so they were generous enough to let us host our friends and their 3 little boys.


We headed to the cabin after Joe got home from work. We got up there before Liam’s bedtime so we were able to hang out for a little while before Liam went to bed.

After Liam went to bed our friends arrived. We had a fire and roasted marshmallows for s’mores. We also lit some sparklers before the kiddos headed to bed.


The adults stayed up chatting for a while and then went to bed too (much later than my normal bedtime).


It was so cute to watch Liam see his little friend Rory in the morning. (Rory is our friends’ youngest child and he is only 7 weeks younger than Liam). They looked so cute in their jammies.


The kids spent some time playing outside in the morning. We spent some time down by the lake too.


After Liam’s morning nap we went out on the pontoon. It’s always fun to take the pontoon out on the lake and relax.

Brody (the oldest child) took a turn driving the pontoon. He loved it and was so focused! I had a hard time getting him to look at the camera because he was so worried about keeping an eye on where he was driving. Still I was able to get a great picture of him!


We spent the rest of the evening outside playing again. Liam spent some time in the kiddie pool before his afternoon nap.

Then around 6 the weather started to turn on us. We lost power around 7 which was perfect for the kids’ bedtime.

The adults then had some beverages and played cards by candle light until the power came back on around 9:20. We played blackball which is super fun if you haven’t played it!


The weather was beautiful again! We headed to breakfast in the morning and then spent more time outside.


We took the pontoon out to be sandbar and let the kids and dads swim for a little while.

Then it was time to clean up, pack up, and head home.

We made it home around 5. We gave Liam dinner, played for a little while, had bath time, and then it was time for him to go to bed.


Joe and I then relaxed for a little while and then headed to bed too.

I hope you had a great weekend. We had so much fun and can’t wait to get Liam and Rory together again!


Lions, tigers, and bears! Oh my!

Today Liam and I had the pleasure of joining my friend Laura and her little girl Aria at the Minnesota Zoo. We are so thankful that Laura invited us to join her since she has a membership.

Both the kiddos were so good. Liam was soaking up all the activity around him. The people alone were keeping him entertained.

We visited the farm animals. There were a bunch of goats! Liam wasn’t scared like I thought he would be. He wanted to pet them.

The fish tanks were by far Liam’s favorite. He could have sat and watched them all day.

Liam and Aria looked so cute in their matching outfits by the fish tanks! I may be biased but they are such cute kids!

We saw the monkeys. There was even a mommy carrying her baby. Liam liked the monkeys too because they moved a lot.

We went to the butterfly exhibit too. There were so many butterflies flying around. They were so pretty.

We also saw the flamingos. They are Aria’s favorite.

We saw a lot of other exhibits too. It was fun catching up with Laura and doing something fun with the kids. I’m so grateful for this fun mommy and a fun Friday.


Being Auntie Lisha

I love being Auntie Lisha. It doesn’t hurt that I have some pretty great nieces and nephews. I love being able to make memories with these kiddos which usually includes lots of laughs and giggles.

Today I had the pleasure of bringing two of my nieces to the Mall of America. It was their birthday presents from me, Joe, and Liam.


We had so much fun!! We started with a pre ride snack because the girls were hungry after the drive.


We went on some pretty fun rides together.

They even convinced me to go on the Log Chute! Thankfully we didn’t get too wet.

We saw lego land but didn’t go in because the girls we not interested.


Then we headed to lunch at the Rainforest Cafe. It is such a cool place to eat but very loud with all the animal sounds. The girls loved it though!

After lunch we made a stop at the Cupcake store to get some yummy cupcakes to bring home with us.


Both girls were exhausted and fell asleep on the way home.

I’m so happy to be able to do fun things like this with these sweet girls! What a fun day we had!

Liam was happy to see the girls today too!



The weekend #15 and Father’s Day

We had another really busy weekend. Joe’s was unexpected and mine was planned.


We had an unexpected event happen on Friday. Joe’s grandma had a stroke so he had to help his family out with his grandpa (send some prayers please). We were able to have dinner together and put Liam down. Then I relaxed and waited for Joe to come home. There was a beautiful sunset while I waited.



We spent some time together as a family but then I spent my morning getting ready for my friends bridal shower and bachelorette party while Joe spent time with Liam.

I brought Liam to my parents for his first sleepover ever. I was definitely a nervous mommy but I knew my mom would do great with him. My mom sent a reassuring picture he was fine during the day.


Joe then headed to help with his grandpa again while I headed to Eau Claire to celebrate my friend Breanna.

Thr bridal shower started at 1 and had a yummy taco bar. We played games and chatted in a relaxed environment. It was fun to get all the girls together. Breanna looked beautiful as always!

Then it was time to get ready for the bachelorette party! Some of us girls had a hotel room so we got ready there while the others got ready at the house. Then we met up once we were all ready. Breanna again looked stunning! She is going to make a beautiful bride!

The theme was lipstick and lace! We ate dinner and played some games. It was so hot out so we tried to stay in the shade. Then it was off on the party bus!

The bus was full of dancing and giggles. We went out to a few bars and then headed back to the hotel at 1am. That was all this momma could handle. I headed to bed while the others went out to the bar until 2.


We got up nice and early so I could get home to pick up my sweet baby.

Turns out he was a really good boy but had a tough night of sleep. He woke up crying several times and my mom just ended up sleeping with him. Poor baby and lucky grandma to get those snuggles!

I then headed home with Liam so we could celebrate Father’s Day with Joe.


Joe spent the morning picking up a swing set for Liam (what a dad right?) and started putting it together but it got too hot to work much on it.

Then we went out for lunch at Gianna’s in town. It was okay. Joe really liked the pizza. I wasn’t too impressed with my ravioli.

Then in the afternoon we headed to my parents house. We spent the evening by the pool and had dinner there. It was a fun way to celebrate my dad, Joe, and my brother Sean.


Then we headed home to put Liam to bed, watch an episode of Orange is the new Black, and head to bed.

I hope everyone had a great weekend and enjoyed all the sunshine!

The weekend #14

We had a busy weekend again! I’m going to start by sharing about our whole Friday since I was off work.


It was so hot and humid out! Liam got to wear the cutest outfit ever!


We headed to pool #1 in the afternoon after Liam’s morning nap. Joe’s parents were leaving for vacation so we went to say goodbye and safe travels as well as to cool down and spend time in the pool. Liam’s uncle Patrick was there to swim with him too.


Then we headed to pool #2. My aunt Sherrie was in town at my parents house so we wanted to stop and say hi before we headed to the cabin for the weekend.

After that we headed home. Liam fell asleep before we even left my parents’ driveway. We waiting for Joe to get home and then headed to the cabin at bedtime.

We were able to see a beautiful pink sky over the lake as the sun was setting.



Joe has to work in the AC unit at the cabin but luckily we were able to get some family time in before he had to work.

We went for a family walk in the morning. It was super humid but nice to get out as a family.

Then we went out for breakfast at a tiny local cafe. I got a delicious breakfast burrito and was way too full after.

Liam and I spent a lot of time trying to beat the heat!

We spent time by the lake and in the lake.

He loves being in the swing at the cabin too. We don’t have one at home so this is fun for him to do.

We also got the kiddie pool out for him to splash and cool down in. Little dare devil decided to try standing in there too!

Joe was working almost all day so that was a bummer but it was nice for Liam and I to spend time outside.



Joe still had some work to do. So Liam and I spent the morning together.


While Liam napped I started doing some packing to head home.

We were able to wrap up packing in time for Liam’s second nap.

Once home we decided to head to the pool where we met up with Liam’s cousins.

Then the rest of the evening was devoted to relaxation!

I hope you had a great weekend!


Liam is 9 months old

My baby is 9 months old today. How can this be?? In 3 short months he will be a one year old! Time is going so fast and Liam is growing and learning so much. It is so rewarding to watch him.



Since we did sleep training in April Liam has been sleeping through the night. I am just amazed at how easy the training was and how good he is doing with sleep. It is truly a blessing for someone who loves sleeping (me!).


Liam is still eating baby food. He eats all kinds. He has no real preference or dislikes. He pretty much eats them all. He has tried cut up bananas and loves that. He also enjoys eating puffs. He has tried eggs and avocado as well. He tried a textured but smooth puree but wasn’t that into it. I will try this one again soon.



Liam has been speed crawling every where. This kid is quick! He just cruises around the house. He did bring himself to standing twice in his crib and then fell both times. This must have scared him because he will only bring himself to his knees now. He can stand on his own holding on to something as well.


Liam still only has the two teeth. He has been acting like he is working on more lately but I can’t see any evidence of teeth coming. Plus he hates when I try to look in his mouth.


Liam loves clapping his hands, doing “so big,” waving hi and bye, and banging his hand or toys on other objects to make noise. He enjoys yelling and at one point said “hubba” by accident. It was so cute that we are working on getting him to say it again! He recently just started giving kisses. He loves exploring and is so curious still. He has to check out every noise he hears.


Liam has started showing preferences for who he wants to be with. He will push away and reach out for the person he desires. He will do this for me, Joe, Kelly (his daycare provider), and my mom. Lately he really wants his dad and gets super excited when he gets home from work.


Liam had his well baby appt today. He is 17 lbs and 12 oz (18%). He is 28 inches long (35%) and his head is 45 cm (50%). He is growing so much but is still my itty bitty baby! And little for his age! Below: in the waiting area at the dr office. He loved this toy!


  • being outside
  • Marley
  • when dad gets home
  • bath time
  • knocking things over (like block towers)
  • sucking on his swaddle blanket
  •  banging toys together to make noise


  • getting his face wiped
  • mom picking in his nose or ears
  • strangers holding him
  • waiting for his food

The weekend #13

Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! The weather was a little dreary but that didn’t stop us from having fun!


After work Joe picked up sushi for dinner. Joe has been wanting sushi since I got pregnant and refused to ask anyone else to go with him. He has been begging me since Liam was born for sushi. For some reason it sounded good so I gave the green light for a sushi dinner. I guess I thought I like it more than I do. Note to self: no more sushi for me!


At Liam’s bedtime we headed up to the cabin. This worked out perfect for us. He slept on the way there and then woke up as we arrived. I transitioned him right into the pack and play and he went back to sleep.

Joe’s parents were out for dinner so we decided to enjoy some quiet time in the hot tub. It was nice to be with each other relaxing.

We were able to spend the rest of the evening relaxing and chatting with Joe’s parents.


It was so rainy and cold in the morning. Perfect (decaf) coffee weather! Also how cute are these mugs!?


Joe and his dad left early to go do some more work on the deer stand. It is looking really good now and coming along so nice!


Liam, Grandma, and I went for a 5 mile walk after the rain stopped. Liam feel asleep about half way and ended up taking about a 20-30 minute nap. He woke up ready to play as soon as we got back to the cabin. This was a much shorter nap than he typically takes so I wasn’t too sure how the day would go.


Liam fell in love with this fishing pole toy. He crawled around with it all weekend. It was so cute.


Liam ended up taking a really long afternoon nap to make up for his short morning nap. When he work up he still seemed tired but I nursed him anyway. He ended up falling asleep while nursing which he hasn’t done during the day in a long long time! I didn’t mined. I soaked up all the snuggles I could.


Joe’s mom got me one of my favorite snacks. Pretzel bites and cheese. So yummy!



The morning was beautiful and it was nice to have some sunshine.


We headed out in the morning before Liam’s first nap so that we could get home and get some things done around the house.

We also had our niece Eden’s birthday party in the afternoon. We had to leave a little early to feed Liam and get him home for bed time but it was fun to spend some time with family.

Another great weekend in the books!

Slow down time!

I realized this morning that Liam has been outside of me for as long as he was inside of me and I am just amazed. Liam is 38 weeks and 1 day old. That is exactly how far along I was when he was born.

One thing that amazes me is that it feels like forever ago that I was pregnant. I look at pictures and can’t believe how “big” my tummy was!

The other thing that amazes me is Liam. Everything about him. That he started so itty bitty inside of me and now has grown into such a loving little baby.

When Liam was born he was just a little baby who slept all the time. I would need to wake him to eat during the day and he had the cutest whimpers during his sleep. He immediately became the center of our world.

Now I look at him and see how much he has grown. It is hard to even remember how little he really was because he is still my little baby boy in my mind. I think he is just a little peanut but when I see new babies I am reminded of how much he has grown and developed in the past (almost) 9 months.

He went from just a little bundle to the most curious baby I have met. He doesn’t miss anything that is happening around him. He is crawling everywhere and getting into whatever he can. He is so smiley and always lights up when Joe or I walk into a room. He is now able to show excitement and frustration. He enjoys anything that makes noise.

His little personality is just bursting through and I already couldn’t be more proud of this sweet boy.

I have learned to cherish every single moment I get to spend with him because time goes way to fast. I am excited for Liam’s continued growth and development but want time to just slow down so I can really appreciate every little thing as he continues to grow.