The day I met Liam

My due date was September 21st and everyone told my I would go over and that it was so unlikely that I would give birth early. I believed them and didn’t want to set myself up for disappointment so I just planned on going over my due date. Well that was not the case for me.

Tuesday September 8th 2015:

8AM: It was a normal day, or so I thought. I got up and got ready for work. It was a beautiful day outside.

11:30AM: My coworker and I work out during our lunch break so we headed to the gym. While I was on the elliptical I felt something weird but wasn’t sure what it was. I continued with my workout.

12:15PM: Once we got back to the locker room I told my coworker something weird happened so I went to “check it out.” Well, I didn’t know it at the time but it was my mucous plug (yup it’s as gross as it sounds —the joys of pregnancy).

12:30PM: I told my coworker I wasn’t sure what it was so instead of going to the cafeteria to get lunch I headed back to my desk to call my midwife. I called Joe on my way to let him know what was happening. While explaining on the phone what happened to a nurse she told me what was going on and asked if my water had broke. It had not. She said there was nothing to worry about and that it still could be a while(days or even weeks) before labor. I spoke to the midwife as well and she said the same thing.

1PM: I literally hung up the phone and whoosh! Warm liquid filled my pants (again gross) and I knew my water had broke. I share an office (I have my own door and room within another office) and my coworker in that office was already suspicious of my behavior. I tied a jacket around my waste and shuffled to the restroom. I was drenched. I had worn khaki pants that day but thankfully I didn’t change out of my black gym capris after the gym so it wasn’t extremely visible how wet I was. I wadded up some toilet paper and shoved it in my pants and shuffled back to my desk.

My coworker could tell something was up. I told him something was going on but I needed to call my midwife again.

I called back to the hospital and spoke to the midwife. I let her know my water had broke. She asked me to describe what was happening. I said my pants are soaked and it is literally dripping (it was—again gross). She said yes your water has broke so you can come in when you are ready. Of course I kept Joe updated the whole time and he was nervous because he was at work so he had to drive home.

I still had a few things to do at work so I did those and talked to my boss for a little bit. My coworker was super nervous and insisted on walking me to my car. He checked with me a thousand times if I was okay to drive. I felt I was. I put a couple towels down and headed home.

On my way home I called my mom and Joe’s sister to let them know what was going on. I let them know I will keep them updated. I sent a message to all my besties as well. Joe called his parents to let them know.

Joe beat me home and was running around the house like a crazy person. I told him I was going to shower and pack a few more things. I did just that. I already had a hospital bag ready for myself and for the baby so that was nice. Joe was so nervous. He was pacing and cleaning  and even remembered to bring the garbage can to the curb! I couldn’t handle his pacing anymore so finally I said we could go in.

3:30PM: We headed to the hospital. My contractions were pretty close together but they weren’t lasting very long and they weren’t very strong.

4PM: We arrived at the hospital and got settled into our room. I got into my hospital clothes and hooked up to the contraction machine and things were going just fine. My midwife checked in on us and said things looked good. She had a few other things going on so she said she would keep checking on us. The nurses were really good at checking on us too. The nurse had us order some food since I missed lunch and had a lot of work ahead of me.


7:00PM: My dad shows up! My dad happened to be in the area and didn’t want to go home and wait. He was too anxious so he just showed up at the hospital. I still hadn’t been checked to see how far dilated I was and I thought I was still doing fine. My dad started timing my contractions and kept saying “those are close” and “that looked strong.” I had to tell him to keep quiet!


8PM: My midwife came in to check how far along I was. She said I was at around a 5 or 6 (she admitted later I was more around a 7 but she didn’t want me to get anxious). My contractions were getting stronger and she advised me to get on a birthing ball. We had talked about an epidural and that was the only birth plan I had. I told myself all along that nothing ever goes as planned during birth so the only plan I have is for an epidural. They put the IV in to get me ready for it. However, things progressed so quickly and my IV was going so slow. At one point I looked at the bag and saw it was still pretty full and at that point I knew I wasn’t getting an epidural (so thankful for this now).

After maybe 30 minutes on the birthing ball I lost track of time. The contractions were so strong, my whole body would shake. Joe was putting a cool cloth on my neck and encouraging me and the midwife was speaking so calm and encouraging me as well. She kindly asked if I thought I was ready to push. I had no clue. How was I supposed to know? I told her I wasn’t sure. She decided to check again and see how I was progressing.

9:30PM: Sure enough, Liam was ready to come out. She said it was time to start pushing. It was tough work but I did feel a sense of relief while pushing instead of just sitting there letting the contractions happen. It felt like it was a long time but I only pushed for 18 minutes (typically 2 hours).

9:53PM: Joe announces to me that we just had a baby boy. He is placed on my chest and I know he is there but I’m just processing everything that just happened. I looked down and saw him and immediately thought “Liam.” Joe asked me what his name was and I looked at him and said I think it’s Liam. He agreed. Liam Joseph Hailey.



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