The weekend #10

Wow this weekend was chilly but Sunday turned out to be a pretty nice day! Hope everyone enjoyed the weekend!


We always tend to relax on Fridays and spend time with Liam before he goes to bed. We decided to give Liam a bath. There is just something about his short hair that makes me love giving him mohawks. So funny and cute!



Joe and I watched The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1. I watched it in theaters with my friends so Joe hadn’t watched it yet.


It was so cold out in the morning and actually all day. Liam and I spent our morning playing while Joe ran some errands. Liam got to wear his Nike sweatsuit since it was terrible cold outside for May!

I spent the morning cleaning the house during Liam’s nap. It was much needed and the perfect weather to do it. Joe worked on putting our raised garden beds together and putting them in place.

We had some visitors in the afternoon. Liam’s cousin were excited to see him. He just observed and took in all the excitement.


Also, my brother graduated from college! It was in Virginia so we weren’t able to attend but saw lots of pictures. I am so proud of him!


Joe couldn’t wait to watch Mockingjay Part 2 so we watched that this evening.


I agreed to help a friend out and let her puppy out this morning. He is a cute and good puppy.


Joe had a craving for breakfast so we went out with his dad to Rusty’s. I got a breakfast sandwich and a super yummy pancake! Liam was a such a good boy sitting in the highchair.


Once we got home Liam and I both took a nap while Joe mowed the lawn. I guess I was pretty tired.

When Liam woke up we decided to go to the park. Liam loved the swing but wasn’t too fond of the slide.

After the park, we went home to relax and play at the house. Liam surprised me by showing me he can now open hand clap. He used to clap with his hands clenched but now he opens them. It was so cute and made me tear up at how much he is learning and so quick.

During Liam’s afternoon nap Joe and I planted the garden. We aren’t sure we did it right so we are just hoping for the best this year and will learn from it for next yet. So far we have planted lettuce, carrots, peppers, and cucumbers.


We spent the rest of the evening entertaining Liam and spending time together.


We feel we actually ended up having a productive weekend even though the weather wasn’t the best. It felt good to get a few things done. Hope you all enjoyed your weekend too.


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