Finally I am doing another throwback Thursday! This one is mostly for me to remember how my pregnancy was but also to share with others what I did during my pregnancy.


Overall I had a really easy pregnancy with Liam. There was one point around 12 weeks I believe that I got really sick (respiratory) and I just couldn’t get healthy. It was a tough time for me emotionally and it was extremely exhausting. That lasted about 2-3 weeks I believe.

After that it was really smooth sailing (as far as what I can remember -it’s been 8 months…).


Some of the things I did for myself throughout my pregnancy was regular chiropractor visits and massages. I would get a prenatal massage once a month and go to the chiropractor once a month and as needed.

I maintained a regular exercise routine. I would exercise twice a week at work doing the elliptical machine and while I could I would do abs and push ups. Towards the end of my pregnancy I switched to elliptical machine and stretching. I also continued to teach Zumba twice a week up until Liam was born. I definitely believe keeping myself physically active during my pregnancy helped so much.


I tried to eat pretty healthy. I never really had any food aversions other than coffee. It was only in the first few weeks but I stopped drinking coffee once I found out I was pregnant. Throughout the first trimester and probably part of the second I just didn’t really have an interest in food. I tried my best to get several servings of fruits and vegetables in during the day. I did develop a sweet tooth but always ate my veggies and fruits too. I didn’t have any morning sickness which I’m so thankful for.

My sleep wasn’t impacted much other than having to pee once or twice in the night in the third trimester. I did get a pregnancy pillow and loved it.

I did use a blend of some essential oils on my tummy as it grew. I can’t remember exactly what I put in it (dang it!) but I know there was gentle baby and lavendar. Whether it did anything or not I am not sure but I don’t have stretch marks on my tummy.


I didn’t really have much energy the whole pregnancy but especially during the first trimester. I would take naps whenever I could and just learned to rest when I needed to.

I kept my stress levels down by really not reading too much into pregnancy. I listened to what my doctor said and that was it. I didn’t want to worry about something that was nothing. I think this really helped me stay calm and just roll with it during my pregnancy.

I can’t think of anything else right now. I think I covered the basics. Just remember different things work for different people and this is what happened to work well for me. Just hang in there and remember how amazing pregnancy really is and that you are growing s real live human being!

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