Weekend #9 and my first Mother’s day

It’s Monday again and I hope everyone enjoyed the weekend. We had beautiful weather this weekend. It was perfect!



I did not work on Friday so Liam and I met up with a friend and her daughter at the park. The kids were so cute! I’m hoping we are able to get together more this summer.

Joe got done early with work on Friday so we were just hanging outside with Liam when it crossed Joe’s mind that maybe we should go to his parent’s cabin. We called and inquired if we could go and they said “of course!” So we packed as quick as we could and headed to the cabin.

Joe’s parents were so excited for us to be coming up and really excited for some quality time with Liam. Liam was not sad about deciding to go to the cabin and looked super cute in the little Adirondack chairs up there. Marley and Macy featured running in the back –Marley wasn’t sad about going to the cabin either.



Saturday morning Liam got up a little earlier than normal but that was okay because Joe and his parents are earlier risers too. We relaxed and watched the sunrise. It was beautiful.

I decided to go for a run in the morning and ended up going 3 miles. That is really good for me as I am trying to get back into running.

We spent a lot of the day outside enjoying the sunshine. We also watched the Kentucky Derby. Such a quick race and so many hats!


We had a great steak dinner with homemade pop overs and Caesar salad.It was delicious. After dinner we spent the rest of the evening relaxing. The cabin is such a great place to relax.


We started our morning off early again with Liam getting up earlier than normal. Again, it was okay and the sunrise was beautiful!


I got to open my present from Liam which was a new spring jacket. I have been needing a nice jacket to wear to work or anywhere really.

Liam was pretty tired all morning so we decided to head home early. He fell asleep seconds after we left the driveway and slept for the hour long ride home plus another hour once we got home. He was a tired baby.

Liam has been working on his second tooth so he was a little fussy during the day. He ended up needing another nap before we headed out to our Mother’s day celebrations. He looks so darn cute napping with no shirt. I couldn’t help myself. Also his second tooth popped through during this nap!


Our first celebration was at Joe’s aunt and uncle’s house. We had appetizers and spent time with his family there. It was nice to see everyone and they are always so happy to see Liam.

Then, we were off to my parent’s house to spend time with my side. It is always fun to so Liam with all his cousins. He took a short nap on the drive there which is just what he needed.


Here are some extra pictures from Mother’s day:

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and happy Mother’s day to all the moms out there! You are truly special!

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