Liam is 8 months old

Liam turned 8 months old on Sunday. I waited to do a blog post because of the weekend and Mother’s day.


Here is what Liam is up to these days:

Liam has been army crawling and rolling everywhere! He can get up onto his knees and moves his legs maybe 2-4 times and then collapses and goes to the army crawl. It is adorable. He is hard to keep still and loves being on the move. He will really be cruising soon and we will be in trouble then!

Liam is still eating baby foods and he loves them. He is not picky at all and eats everything we give him. He has tried some self feeding with rice rusks, puffs, and bananas. He has done pretty good with those so far but does end up gagging quite a bit as he is learning how to chew and getting familiar with different textures.


Liam has cut two teeth in the past month. Both bottom middle teeth. His second one actually came through on Sunday.

Liam has learned to clap his hands, bang two objects together, play patty cake and “roll it” with his hands, do “so big,” and climb on top of anything and everything. He has actually pulled himself to standing very briefly a few times.


Liam is beginning to  copy the sounds we make, usually he just yells though. So he will do a quick yell and then if we do it back he will do it again. It’s pretty funny. He also intently watches as we make different sounds. He is a curious little guy.

Liam is sleeping through the night! Since we did our sleep training Liam has continued to sleep through the night. It has been about 2 weeks now.



  • bath time
  • sucking on his swaddle blankets
  • When Marley eats bubbles
  • Dad’s hats


  • getting his face/nose wiped
  • when the adult (usually me) leaves the room
  • waiting for his food to be ready

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