Keeping it simple

Liam is almost 8 months old now and interested in all kinds of things. I’m trying to find activities for me and him to do during the days I’m home. Especially as it is getting nicer outside. I realized he is so young and such simple things can entertain him. That is my plan for this summer. Keep it simple.

Today I had to get my oil changed so while we waited we walked to our local Farm and Home where they have pets for sale. I thought Liam would enjoy looking at the animals. And he did!

We were able to see a couple puppies. They scared him at first because they kept barking. But then he warmed up and let them lick his hands. So cute!


He really wasn’t into the birds. They chirped and were so colorful yet they didn’t hold his attention at all.


Liam really liked the fish. He kept tapping the tank and smiling at the fish. We even saw Dory and Nemo!

Liam really liked the hamsters as well. He kept trying to touch them. He wasn’t into the turtles but they were interested in him.

This was a fun and free activity for me and Liam and he seemed to enjoy the new experience!

Happy Wednesday!


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