Weekend #8

I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend! Our weekend again was really busy but super fun!


Friday night we spent together as a family relaxing. Joe grilled us our dinner. Joe and I watched the movie Blended (Adam Sandler movie that I could watch 100 times) after Liam went to bed.


It was a really busy and fun day for me. First, I went and got a pedicure and manicure for Joe’s cousin’s fiance’s bridal shower. Instead of a shower we did mani/pedi’s and then they all went to lunch but I had to leave early for my next plans. It was so nice to celebrate Justine and welcome her to the family!

My niece Kameryn got to join us for girls day but it was kind of a long time for her to sit still so she had some fun with the Snapchat filters on my phone.


After my nails were done we had late lunch plans with our friends Jared and Breanna and their boys at their house. They have 3 little boys and their youngest is 7 weeks younger than Liam. The little ones were so cute together and it was so great to spend time with them and catch up.

After that, we went home and gave Liam dinner, a bath, and then it was off to bed for him. Once he was in bed I headed out to meet my best friends. We had a girls night planned for my friend Annie’s last night at her house before she moves in with her boyfriend. It was such a fun night and so great to be with my girls. This momma even stayed up until midnight! Whoa!



In the morning we went to breakfast with Joe’s sister and her family and his dad. I got a virgin bloody mary. It was yummy but a little spicy for me.


Then after Liam’s morning nap he and I went to my sister in law’s to go see the flowers in bloom in their back woods. So beautiful.

Then we all went for a walk because it was such a beautiful day. The boys were so cute in the double stroller.


After that we hung out a little longer and watched the kids color with chalk. Liam got to try out a little trike too but he wasn’t quite ready to move in it yet.


In the evening we had my parents over for burgers on the grill. Another delicious meal cooked by Joe and a good time with my parents.

What a wonderful busy weekend we had!

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