Sleep Training

Happy Friday! Hope everyone’s week was amazing. So last week I posted about Liam’s sleep and how hard it was for me. Well a friend of mine read my post and shared with me her experience.

She explained that what she did was move her sons crib next to her bed. When he would start to cry she would put her arm in there to let him know she was near. He would cry but she would not pick him up. She would just leave her arm until he fell back asleep. She stated this made her feel like she wasn’t abandoning him and helped him learn he wasn’t going to be picked up. She eventually moved his crib back to his room and he began sleeping through the night without interventions from her.

I had tried the cry it out method and it was traumatic for me and Liam and I will not do that ever again. It didn’t work and it was horrible for me. So I thought I would give her method a try. I didn’t have the option to move his crib next to mine so I would just have to sit next to his crib.

We started last Friday night. He started crying around 3am. I went into his room let him know I was there and gave him my hand. I sat next to his crib while he cried for maybe five minutes. I could sense he was still awake but left my hand for a total of 15 minutes probably. I slowly snuck my hand out. He was still awake but stayed quiet until about 3:30am. I went back in and gave him my hand. I stayed a little longer and then snuck out. He finally fell asleep around 4:15 and didn’t get back up until after 6am.


The next night he was up around 3:30am (improvement from the night before) and I stayed for about 15 minutes and then left. He fell asleep and I didn’t need to go back in. He again slept until after 6am.

Sunday night he slept until 4:00am. Another improvement! This time I only had to stay in there about 5 minutes and slept until after 6am. Monday night he slept until 4:30am and I was in and out. He again slept until after 6am.

That was it! Tuesday night, Wednesday night and last night he slept through the night! That is 3 nights of this mama not getting out of bed until my alarm goes off. My hope is that he continues to sleep through the night but I am so happy with the results so far.

Have a great weekend!!

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