Weekend #7

Happy Monday! I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend!


Joe and his siblings all have birthdays within weeks of each other so to celebrate their parents do a birthday dinner with prime rib and lobster.

It was a wonderful meal. Joe’s mom is such a great hostess. The place settings and flowers were so pretty and perfect!

The cousins had fun seeing each other. And sitting on their new bunk bed for sleepovers at grandma and grandpa’s house.

We put Liam to bed in the pack and play there. We were a little nervous because last time didn’t go very well. This time he did great. He slept through the transition to car seat and transition to crib. It was perfect.


Saturday mornings are always family mornings. It’s fun waking up and spending time as a family. Liam always makes me and Joe smile and laugh. He has such a personality now and is so silly.

I decided to go for my third run of the year. I wanted to burn off that meal from Friday and Saturdays seem to be good run mornings for me. I went my farthest and fastest so far. It feels good to get out there and run, even though I had to continue encouraging myself with each step.


After my run, Liam took a great nap and Joe was working on a deer stand with his dad and brother in law Joel. So I decided to finish the first season of Fuller House on Netflix. I loved it! It’s super cheesy but so funny. I think my favorite personalities so far are DJ and Max. Can’t wait for season 2!

Liam and I made a quick visit to our neighbors house. Their son is almost 4 months and we plan on him and Liam being the best of friends. Should be interesting watching them grow together. He is such a cutie!


Joe and I decided to make a Costco run to get some groceries and specifically chicken. We love the chicken from there. We dropped Liam off at my parents so he didn’t have to come with.

The Blackhawks played so after Liam went down I joined Joe watching that. I must have been really tired though because I fell asleep watching. Off to bed I went. Blackhawks did win though!



It was super rainy all day. Liam and I stayed home all day. We just spent time playing with all his different toys. It’s hard when it’s rainy and we can’t get outside for even a few minutes but we made it work. Liam rolls all over the place now and gets up on his hands and knees. He will be crawling before we know it. Joe ran a few errands but was home most of the day with us.

Liam did get some short visits from his grandpa in the morning and this his grandma later in the morning too.

Liam was a little fussy in the evening so we decided to let him play in the bath tub. He loves it so much. This may become part of our regular routine. Look at that hair (insert crying laughing emoji)!

Other than that we had a relaxing Sunday!


Have a great week!

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