Liam is 7 months old

My sweet little Liam turned 7 months old today. It is hard to believe how quickly he is growing!


Liam started eating baby food in the past month. He loves it! He eats everything and he eats so good. I feel so blessed to have a good eater. We started with eating just one time a day which quickly progressed to two times a day and now he is eating three times a day. He lets you know when he is ready to eat and he is super interested in foods Joe and I eat. He may have been ready for food before I was ready to give it to him.


Liam has mastered rolling. He rolls all over the place. He is able to turn and roll and squirm in the direction he wants to go. He is working on getting up onto his knees. He occasionally does this but doesn’t hold it very long. I may have a crawler before long!

Liam is also good at grasping toys. He can grab the toy he wants and can pass it from hand to hand. He is also getting quite grabby with his feet!

Liam has learned that “bang bang bang” or “patty patty patty” (as in patty-cake) means to bang his hand on the surface in front of him. He enjoys doing this very much.

Sleep is still a work in progress. He has kept his bedtime of 7pm. He is ready for bed at this time and he lets you know it. Some nights he sleeps great and others terrible. He will sometimes sleep until 3 or 4 and then he wants to eat and then will sleep until about 6-6:30. Other nights he is up at 11 and 12 and 2 and 4 and 5. It’s exhausting. We have tried dream feeding before I go to bed to see if he will sleep until 6 ish without eating but didn’t have success. So we decided not to dream feed and continue with a 3 or 4am feeding until he is ready to cut that feeding out. He is also teething and this likely plays a roll in his restlessness some nights. We have two wubbanubs and he likes them but he really likes sucking on his blanket. Regardless of how he sleeps at night, he sure does wake up happy!

Liam is teething but no teeth yet. Just lots and lots of drool. He is usually wearing a drool bib otherwise his shirt gets soaked.

Liam is able to sit on his own for a long stretch of time. He still tips over every now and then but not all that often anymore.

Liam is super observant. He is easily distracted and does not miss a thing. He is the most curious baby and needs to know everything that is going on around him. Because of this, nursing can be a challenge. We now have to nurse in a low stimulation environment so that he eats a good meal.


  • Being naked/diaper only
  • Aden and anais swaddle blankets
  • Sophie the giraffe
  • A pair of maracas my parents got him from Puerto Rico
  • Almost any fruit ( he tolerates vegetables)
  • Jumping
  • Sitting up on his own
  • Being slightly scared/startled-turning around quickly and saying boo
  • Bath time
  • Marley


  •  When he can’t see you
  • Getting his face/nose wiped
  • Avocado
  • Waiting for his food to be prepared
  • Too much of the same activity

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