The Honeymoon

Continuing with my throwback Thursday series: my honeymoon. We went to Cozumel and it was amazing!

Our bank accounts were running a little dry after the expense of the wedding so planning a vacation had our minds spinning. We knew we wanted to honeymoon right after the wedding but we weren’t sure how. Well it turns out I can teach Zumba at certain resorts and get an extremely discounted 7 day stay. So that is what we did (so worth it and highly recommended if you are Zumba certified).

Joe and I left for our honeymoon the morning after our wedding. We left very early and only had a couple hours (at most) of sleep. It didn’t matter. We were so excited about being married and being on vacation that sleep wasn’t an issue. (Picture below shows our tired but excited faces —insert crying laughing emoji)


Our first day was basically a full day of travel. We flew into Cancun so we had to travel to the ferry and then ride the ferry to Cozumel and take a taxi to our resort –Secrets Aura Cozumel. We were able to make it for the pretty sunset though and then just crashed for the night after an exhausting few days of rehearsal dinner, wedding, and travel.

The resort was beautiful! I had never been to an all inclusive resort before and it was amazing. It was really nice because the resort wasn’t super busy either due to the time of the year we were traveling.

The first day we were there I had to meet with the activities director for teaching Zumba. He was so nice and so flexible. I had to teach one 30 minute class in the morning during the week. So since I met with him on Monday, I only had to teach Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday morning and then he told me I could have Saturday off. I was so glad they were so easy to work with and understanding and just all around awesome!

Our days usually started the same each morning. Wake up, have some coffee, and get ready to teach Zumba. I would teach and Joe would watch/lounge and read a book. Then we would go have breakfast and do whatever we wanted the rest of the day. We really made it an effort to have no plans and no expectations on our vacation and it worked really well for us. Every day was amazing regardless of what we did.


There was a french restaurant at the resort that we loved and went to on the evenings it was open. There was a water slide at our resort. It was surprisingly really fun even though it was small. We had some fun taking the pool mats (against the rules—we are rebels haha) and going down the slide.

We did register for some things at our resort for our wedding showers and both of our parents bought us some really nice items. What happens is it gives a money credit to your account so you can end up using it however you would like. We ended up using our credits for a couple’s massage and a sunset dinner on the pier (which we liked so much we did twice). The dinner was so romantic and we came back to a room filled with flower petals and candles.

We also used some of our credit to do a surf and turf pirate cruise. We went downtown Cozumel, walked around a little bit, and then went on the cruise. It was a lot of fun and great entertainment. The resort also had nightly entertainment. There was always something we could do (for free) at the resort which was nice. We liked having options.

We were even able to watch the Packer/Viking football game on the beach! In Mexico! How awesome is that?? (Photo below of the big screen they put up to play the game –it was really dark out when the game was on)


We did free snorkeling at the resort and then decided to go out snorkeling. We were told that Cozumel has great reefs for snorkeling so we knew that was something we had to do. Well I made the mistake of looking out the glass on the bottom of our boat most of the ride to our destination making me feel a little ill. While snorkeling it was really wavy and I don’t like listening to my own breathing (makes me feel claustrophobic). I began to feel even more ill. I snorkeled at all of our destinations but I cut the last one short. I felt super ill and ended up having to rest the whole ride back to our resort. Eventually I felt better though and it was really cool to see all the sea life.

Overall we mostly enjoyed each other’s company. We spent a lot of time by the pool and in the pool. We met a few other couples that were a lot of fun. The staff was incredible and the resort was great. It was really the most amazing vacation and we cannot wait to go back!


Did you go on a honeymoon? If so did you go right after your wedding or wait? Where did you go?






3 thoughts on “The Honeymoon

  1. kalesco says:

    I was teaching Zumba and Aqua Zumba the week before Easter at Sunscape 🙂
    Actually Zumba at Secrets in front of the French restaurant, followed by Aqua Zumba at Sunscape. Two 45 minute classes. Participation wasn’t great (or… existing) for Zumba (started at 11am, so already hot) but Aqua was fun. I got Saturday off as well 🙂

    How was your turn up? And where were you teaching at Secrets? Would you do it again? How did you like the other restaurants? And your room?
    I’m thinking of going to Cozumel again and going to Secrets instead of Sunscape.


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