The weekend #4

Happy Monday once again! I hope everyone enjoyed the weekend. The weather wasn’t the best for us and was really windy but we kept busy.


Joe and I both worked on Friday. After work Joe, Liam, and I spent the evening hanging out and relaxing. Joe and I had a moment of weakness and picked up Chinese for dinner. We hadn’t had it for a while and thought it sounded good. It was instantly regrettable! Needless to say, we won’t be having Chinese for a long time.

After Liam went to bed I did some cleaning around the house. Then relaxed and watched the first epidsode of Fuller house -love it!


Liam always wakes up in the best moods. It is so great to get him out of bed in the morning and after his naps. He is such a happy boy!

Saturday morning was spent doing a little more cleaning for our company we were having later that evening. Joe ran errands while me and Liam cleaned the house.

In the afternoon we had our nephew Luke’s second birthday party. We got him a big John Deere dump truck. He seemed to like it!

The birthday party had lots of balloons, cupcakes, snacks, and even an indoor bounce house! I even went to Kameryn’s hair salon (the cute headband). Liam was very observant of all of it. He loves just checking everything out and doesn’t miss a thing.

We weren’t able to stay very long because we had dinner plans but we were glad to spend some time with the birthday boy. Liam loves his cousins and they love him too.

In the evening we had some friends over we haven’t seen in a while. Joe used to coach hockey and he coached their son Ryan. Ryan came over for dinner too. He just loves Liam. It is so cute to watch him hold him.

Joe grilled ribs and I made the homemade BBQ sauce (grandma’s recipe) and coleslaw. We both had a disaster with the mashed potatoes but Joe’s ended up turning out better than mine so we had those too (they looked worse than they tasted -just a little creamy haha). Our friends, Frank and Pam, brought baked beans and dessert. It was a super yummy meal!


After dinner Ryan left to go hang out with his friends (understandable!). Joe, Frank, Pam and I played cards. It was a lot of fun and a lot of laughs. Pam and I had the most cards in the end. Girls rule! Joe and I stayed up much later than we normally do but it was worth it to spend time with great friends. It was great to catch up, reminisce, and laugh a lot!


The Blackhawks played so Joe was decked out in Blackhawks gear and Liam had worn his Blackhawks pajamas to bed Saturday night. They had some cuddle time on the couch watching a little hockey.

We had some left over ribs and other food so we decided to bring it to my grandparents. We always like to bring them some of the ribs because it is their recipe. We like to see what they think and if they have any feedback. They said they were great! I think Joe and I have the ribs recipe down.

They adore Liam too so it was good to be able to bring him to see them.

My Grandma always finds a way to sneakily get us to eat food or take food home with us. This time she did both. We had lunch with them. She made spaghetti and then ended up sending some home with us too. It was delicious so we didn’t complain. We love them so much! We also had a surprise visit from my mom while we were there.

My brother and one of his (foster) kids stopped by in the afternoon. It was a quick stop but it was good to see them.

The rest of Sunday was spent relaxing. We wanted to go for a walk because the sun was shining and the temperature was decent but it was really windy so we didn’t want to take Liam out.

We had a pretty busy weekend but it was lots of fun! Hope you had a wonderful weekend too!



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