The Wedding

Another Throwback Thursday!

Joe and I got married 9/27/2014. It was one of the best days of my life.


Joe and I spent the night before our wedding apart. I’m glad that we did this. I stayed at our house and he stayed at his parent’s house.

My day started early. I believe I was up around 5:30 or 6am and had to be getting my make up and hair done around 7am. I was blessed to have one of my best friends, Shawna, do my hair and make up. Then I met all my bridesmaids and family at the hair salon where there were treats and mimosas. I loved my hair clip that I got from Wedding Shoppe Inc.

My sweet flower girl and niece had her hair done very pretty and she was so excited to see me when I got to the salon. Also pictured below is my brand new nephew Judah who was only 6 days old for my wedding day. Him and his mommy did so good for such a busy day.

I took pictures with my bridesmaids at the salon as well as at Joe’s parent’s house. They have a beautiful home and that is where me and my ladies got our dresses on and finished getting ready.

Joe and the groomsmen got ready at the church. There was a nice, big room there for them to get ready.

For gifts, I did personalized totes and then added some more individual gifts inside. Joe got his groomsmen personalized jerseys. Mostly Green Bay Packer fans! Go pack go!


The weather was gorgeous! I believe it was some where in the 70s that day and then there was a big cool down to follow. We were so lucky to have sunny and warm weather. We took pictures outside behind the church before the wedding. One of my favorites is me and Joe with all of our nieces and nephews at the time.


We had a wedding party of 7 bridesmaids, 7 groomsmen, 3 ushers, 2 personal attendants, 1 flower girl, and 1 ring bearer. It was a large wedding party but we wouldn’t have it any other way. We love our family and friends so much!


We had a pretty big wedding with lots of friends and family invited. Our pastor from our church, Pastor Randy, (who is also my brother’s father-in-law) performed the marriage ceremony. It was short and beautiful. Joe and I also wrote our own vows which was really special.


The day was very busy. It didn’t seem like there was much time for just me and Joe. We were given some advice to find some time with just the two of us after the ceremony. We didn’t have a set location so that was definitely our downfall. We tried to find an empty room to just be with each other but the rooms all had at least one person in them. So we did get about 1 minute just to ourselves but it was brief. I would encourage anyone to have a room designated for after the ceremony to go to and just be with each other to soak up what just happened. It’s amazing and after all it is about the bride and groom!

We went around town on a party bus after the ceremony and before the reception. It was a blast! We had the music cranked up and we just celebrated.


We entered the reception hall to Ain’t Going Down by Garth Brooks. Garth is Joe’s favorite. We had dinner, speeches, first dances, and the dance party! It all flew by except dinner. Things seemed to slow down around dinner and that gave me anxiety. I thought the food wasn’t getting served fast enough when in reality it was being served right on time. I should have soaked up that slow down and encourage all of those planning wedding to take any slow time and soak it up!

Joe and I did our first dance to I Don’t Dance by Lee Brice. This song was perfect for us because Joe really doesn’t like to dance in front of others yet he will dance with me. Joe and his mom danced to It’s Your Song by Garth Brooks. My dad and I danced to My Little Girl by Tim McGraw however we ended up doing a remix flash mob thing that was really fun! My brother can rap so he made up a song for us that told a little bit about us and it was amazing. Watch it for a good laugh!


Here is a video of some of our wedding pictures. We are so thankful to have so many wonderful images to capture how incredible our special day was.


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