Marley and Liam

The bond between a boy and his dog is such a wonderful thing. However, Marley wasn’t sure she was ready for it at first.


The day we brought Liam home was the day Marley was no longer the center of attention and I am not sure she was ready for that. She sniffed Liam and just really wasn’t sure of him. She has been around kids and loves kids but wasn’t used to living with a baby. She didn’t become super cuddly or loving to him right away but she did become protective.

Marley was never a barking dog until Liam came along. She began barking when people would come to our house. She also began sleeping outside of Liam’s door during the night. She isn’t always there but most times when I get up in the night I find her sleeping in the hallway.


The more Marley was around Liam the more she began to adjust to him. She still wasn’t fond of not getting all the attention but was beginning to grow fond of Liam as he continued to grow. He was becoming more interactive with her and she loved it.

Now, Liam cannot get enough of Marley. He loves watching her, touching her, and loves her kisses. She really likes being around him too and is always by him, especially when he is playing on the floor.


I imagine their relationship will continue to grow as Liam grows. It will be so cute watching the two of them together.

Hope everyone has a great weekend and a Happy Easter!

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