The Proposal

This is the beginning of my throwback Thursday series of blogs I am going to do.

Let’s start with a little background of Joe and me before I get to the proposal. Joe and I are from the same hometown and dated the summer before I went off to college. He is a year younger than me and therefore was entering his senior year of high school. We did long distance for a little while but it just wasn’t working so the relationship ended.


We ended up dating again my senior year of college. This time the long distance worked and we have been together ever since.

Now to skip ahead past all the dating stuff. 2013 was a crazy year. My brother Sean got engaged and was getting married in 2013 and Joe’s sister Erin was getting married in 2013. So my brain was all about weddings and I so badly wanted to be planning my own. After non-stop talk about weddings and marriage Joe finally sat me down and said “listen, it’s not going to happen right now and all this talk is stressful. It just isn’t financially in the cards this year so can you cool it?” (okay that isn’t exactly what he said but it is what he meant). I of course apologized as I realized how much I was talking about it and totally understood what he meant.

However he was just tricking me! Joe’s sister’s wedding was in July of 2013 and the day after the wedding they were doing brunch. That morning Joe flew out of a commercial airport to go get our puppy Marley and his parent’s puppy Macy. This was supposed to be a surprise for his mom (although she already knew). As the plane was landing, me and a crowd of other people were waiting to see those cute puppies (they all knew they were going to see more than that.)


I was so excited to be getting a little puppy and she was just adorable! We had bought her a collar before Joe went to get her so he brought that with and put it on our puppy before they landed. Joe kept telling me to look at the collar. I noticed that it was just huge dangling off our puppy’s neck. I kept say yes it is really big we should tighten it. After saying this several times Joe gave up and untied the ring from the collar. He grabbed my hand and got down on one knee.

Then…..I totally blacked out! I knew he asked and my response was, “Seriously?!?” I was so overwhelmed with happiness and excitement. Tears of joy and happiness rolled down my cheeks. It was such and exciting time. And so many people will there to celebrate with us.


We were truly blessed to have Erin’s photographer their to snap pictures of us during this extremely emotional and joyful time. My brother Sean was at the brunch because he was the pastor at the wedding so I was able to share the news with him right away. The remainder of the day was spent visiting with my family and showing them my beautiful ring.

We had engagement pictures done by the same photographer at Erin’s wedding. We used him for our engagement and wedding pictures. He did a wonderful job. You can click here to see the video of some of our engagement pictures.


This was such an exciting time for us and I am so happy to be reminiscing about our proposal/engagement on this throwback Thursday!

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